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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Feel like I got nothing done this weekend. Did get a few things done, a few good things. But am pretty sure there is plenty that I have thoroughly forgotten that is just waiting to bite me in the butt come tomorrow.

Tried to write out something like an artsong and managed to lose a half-step somewhere between the beginning and the first cadence. Not sure where. Need a piano, but am not going to find one right now.

Instead will probably take shower & go to sleep. Don't know whether Tiger is expecting homework from me now that I'm auditing, but I haven't done any. Have half a mind to skip class tomorrow. But surely never-going-again that way lies.

Bad student.

Yet despite the fact that we have yet to discuss anything I didn't know, and I'm NOT TAKING IT FOR A GRADE ANYMORE, I find myself incredibly worried about the possibility of missing class.

In final sum really an oddly nothing day. I did make a good BLT for lunch, though.

In honor of Trillian 3 I have migrated to Gaim. For great awesome. It's so much cleaner - it causes me to cavort. AND, it's open source. Whee!!

Also, have been making an awful lot of really dinky contribs on TKC lately.

Though perhaps that is because, as I notice, it is not logging what I am typing even as we speak. ::prods:: Come back, little keycounter!

I don't know why it's been so fritzy lately. A reboot has got it going again.

Furthermore I am now going to TURN OFF the computer, because the last thing I need is to come back from shower and somehow find a way to spend another 2 hours doing something useless online. And my elbow is brushburned from sitting awkwardly today, and really, that's quite enough of that.

And maybe I will eat a bit of yoghurt. Who knows.

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Trillian 3.1

Mmm, eye candy. Faster load time. Uh... damnit, eyecandy getting in the way of tasks! Stupid prefferences setup = clunky. Grr.

*looks over at the SUSE box*

"Unfry! I command it!"


Re: Trillian 3.1


Anything that looks terribly nice at all really tends to get in the way of my tasks. :p 64 meg of ram what?

Re: Trillian 3.1

I really hope... no, wait. 64 meg of ram on your machine would be bad too, but I was going to say I hope trillian isn't sitting in a 64mb footprint. That would be insane. I'm still miffed that mine is at 5.1 meg in memory.

Heh. What type of ram do you have? I'll scavenge something from the dump.

if you'd still be wondering

I don't know, and I'm not even sure where to look. Having a bit of trouble finding specs for a laptop 9 years old (it's a gateway 2000 solo).

Re: if you'd still be wondering

Hmm, I have a 1996 gateway 9600 or something like that. I'll dig it out and see what it has for ram. No promises on timeliness however. That poor brute lives under stuff in my shed.

Is Gaim better than old trillian?

Eh... hard to say.

Is different. Also, you might have to noodle around with SSL stuff to get MSN to work.

I'd say stick with old trill. I think Gaim may run a little lighter on the old box I got, but that's probably not such an issue with the home compies.

Um k.


Um k semes to be a theame for the evening.