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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Have just updated time from almost 48 hours ago. Evidently, going back to school is a good way to stop me making 38159 posts a day.

It seems lately that I am forever having something, some activity, that my world pivots on ... I don't know whether they're put there by greater design or whether I am psychologically arranged to find them. I've sort of come to expect them.

But I am surprised, in reflection upon one (extraordinarily long) week of class, to discover that this primary motivator is not the prospect of finishing what I started or the prospect of a fifth year or the ideas about what might come after.

It's the opera.

Surprised by something I never gave any thought to. Well, I suppose that's the way it is, isn't it?

I do not make a habit of telling people to rearrange their lives, but if you are not familiar with Amahl and the Night Visitors, and if it is at all possible, you should really, really come see it. It's only running two nights - the 10th and 11th of February, I think. The cast is solid, though you likely won't hear anything incredible. The technical aspects will be super-minimal, and the venue will probably be rather chilly.

But this show is about the poorest, coldest, most meagre things becoming beautiful, growing, and being blessed. It may be the most exquisitely beautiful thing I have ever worked on. I will find you housing, I will buy you dinner. Just get here, if you can.


Oh please, no.

Don't get me wrong, I love that opera on a number of levels, but having played both a sheppherd and Amahal (well, in reverse order) I'm not sure I can sit through it without hearing alternate lines.

"Emily, Emily, Michael just barfed on you! How are your children, and how are your sheep?"

It doesn't help that bloody near everything imagineable ended up in the box either. Nothing teaches a king not to open a box faster than live mouse.

Yep, I like it, and I really like having someone young in so major a role, but given a choice, I think I'll stick to Mozzart.

Re: Oh please, no.

::giggles aloud::

Now that you mention it, it *is* rather a pity that trained boy sopranos are in such short supply in this tiny 2800-person town.

We did the beginning of Magic Flute last year... I was rather partial to the translation we used and I can't find a recording of it anywhere. Darn & blast.