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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Took a nap for all of about 12 minutes, then it started to rain in earnest, and the weather was too beautiful for me to go back to sleep - wind blowing so hard I could see mist coming through my windowscreen. So was going to lay around, but then thought to check Yahoo mail, and *that* idea was too tempting to stay laying down.

But I think I will probably collapse after handbells Greek Council (I wonder where it is?).

An hour ago it was weather for a long skirt and a t-shirt. Now it is right for jeans and letters and a raincoat. Mmmmmm.

Early in the morning went to Boonville to procure Amber, and (as it transpired) Jenna, Tyler, Thoren, Nathaniel, and Cheryl were all there too. Driving was sort of like a party. Rained/fogged all the way there, with some especially exciting bits near the end when we all had to return the coffee...
Service was very nice. Rained all through, mumbling on the skylights of the sanctuary, and Megnn sang "The World Feels Dusty". Was good to see her & Molly. Hugged them lots. Left after lunch and made it back just in time for choir.

Overheard Todd telling Mnn that his mom said her mom could call her if she wanted someone to talk to. Think that may be the kindest, sweetest thing I've heard all year.

Current Music: Spleen - Faure (in head)