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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Strangely empty and not a bit tired.

Heard kings' parts of opera for the first time (well, most of them) this evening. Quite literally sat in the audience with tears streaming down my face. ...Every now and again, Tyler would glance up and smile. (Interestingly, neither Todd nor David ever pried their eyes from the music, despite the fact that they have been singing it for 31857983 years and Tyler has been singing it for I think 2 days, if that. And Todd just SAID he had it memorized. Quel moron.)

I'm so glad that worked out. Effing rock. 10 points to me for a good guess and 15 for a successful recruit. Mwahahahaha.

...Mr. and Lady Wainwright reappear 20 minutes after going upstairs to wash out a coffeepot. Shady...

Now for coffee. Coffee=pain. Does this stop me? NO. For lo, I am a blazing moron.

Current Music: Hello, hello - I'm in a place called vertigo.
Coffee = pain?

Good grief, what have you been doing with it?


1) Gallons 'o Joe: Tummy pain.
2) Coffee in eyes: Hot pain!
3) Snarfing coffee: Ja, pain...

Right-o. More coffee out here too.

Re: Coffee = pain?

The Wainwrights had to recieve a phone call. A Miss Christina Thompkins also mad an appearance, which, as Lucy knew, could easily set any serious plans back by an increment of ten minutes or more.

As for the vac's commentary, apparently Lucy was not at this point in life able to down a couple cups of coffin varnish without stomach gurglings. Richard conceded he often emerged from even a pair of cups with a hangunder from the previous night. Lack of sleep may have contributed to that.

Re: Coffee = pain?

Can you emerge from the two of cups?

Or, in re your penultimate sentence: What?

Re: Coffee = pain?

Giving myself esophageal ulcers somehow.

The "Things to Do at Home Because You're Too Cheap to See a Doctor About Your Problem" book said that caffeine generally aggravates acid reflux.

That said, I lattefied my beverage yesterday evening and seem to have pulled through with minimal discomfort.

Coca-cola is still pushing it, though. I think it might be the acid with the extra fizz to get it in all the little raw crannies.

Hmm. Acid reflux is the evil.

Let me dig up what my dad's doctor notes say. Yeah, I get to take care of mein fahder, and he has acid reflux. Joy.

Caffeine a no-no. Same for hot foods, capsaicin hotness sort and curry hot. That would pretty much make me start hurting people. I live for the spices.

Hmm, acids: My dad's been banned from sauerkraut, pickles, tomato sauce, a whole pile of acid containing foods. There's a note at the bottom that claims he might go back on the tomato if he heals.

Note: Raise bed by four inches at head end. Um, OK. Were it me, I'd probably get a Lay-Z-Boy, but that's because I'm lazy. Hmm, a Lay-Z-Vac perhaps.

Aspirin and "other" painkillers. Wonder which ones?

Other than that: Go away nasty ulcers!

Re: Hmm. Acid reflux is the evil.

Eh. And he's been told on another page I saw while putting stuff back in the folder: Eat smaller quantities three to five times a day.

Sigh. And I clicked the wrong "Reply" thing, so outside thread structure. BAD vac.

Re: Hmm. Acid reflux is the evil.

...NO worries.

It did also occur to me that eating small quantities of protein-laden foods immediately before bed was probably not the best idea either. Second to knocking down the caffeine, that seems to have helped the most.

Re: Hmm. Acid reflux is the evil.

Have for the most part not eaten terribly spicy foods for quite some time (they make my mouth hurt horribly as well, possibly related to some tongue-burning incident in the foggy past.)

Have not had too terrible much trouble with acids yet, but then again I don't eat a whole lot of acidic stuff habitually. Merm. Though I do remember wondering whether my mum was being intentionally unhelpful in that way by the end of break.

Sadly I have nowhere to put a Lay-Z-Boy, nor do I know where to procure any large blocks of concrete or wood. However, I do use one of those wacky bedframes with the hooks on the springs, so perhaps I can just jimmy one end up another notch. Will probably result in bedframe askance, but they are sturdy & I'm sure will survive. (And bedframe askance will probably significantly reduce the amount of time I spend sitting on my bed & fooling around on compy, so that's probably double good.)

An anticoagulant with a history of aggravating stomachs hardly seems like it would be helpful, but I am no doc. Will probably stick with me off-brand Advil.

And time will tell, of course.