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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
cue identity crisis

There's a posting for 111/411 secretary on the website, available immediately.

I could take classes free and graduate in my own sweet time. I could get an apartment. I wouldn't have to leave yet. I would be able to stick around. I still don't think I've yet made the difference I'm supposed to. (And if THAT line of reasoning doesn't get me hired at a character-oriented institution, I don't know what will.)

Need to talk to Dr. Hamel, Rachael, and Prof. Jones about this - but it seems like a perfectly sensible outgrowth of three years' opera fellowship.

Will they let me work at camp? If not, I can't do it. (Let your yes be yes and your no be no...)

Will I know how to relate to people I've gone to school with as a professional?

Can I deal with Flanders? (ruh-roh, has he read my anti-establishment 411 tirades?)

these are mysteries.

Also, about this whole SixApart thing... I am a bit nervous. Brad & co were doing a perfectly fine job, imo, and fixing something that isn't broken is not usually a good idea.

However, I trust them. In almost four years, they've never given me a reason not to. And I know what it's like to find yourself doing a job that you hate, and I say YAY BRAD for doing something about it.

Current Mood: pensivemystified

Go for it! Screw interpersonal relations! 111/411 ho!!!!!!

As for SixApart ... don't worry. SixApart didn't really acquire LJ, I don't think, I really think the LJ boss just got tired of the business gig. Did you read his whole thing on the front page? I felt consoled.

For a brief (and somewhat entertaining) moment, I misinterpreted your '111/411 ho!!!' exclamation...

I did read the front-page thing (though I probably would have gone several more weeks without noticing, but for a mention from cynthia_black.) That is the reason why I am not really flipping out but only viewing things with mild trepidation.

Could be fun & wild. Who knows. I do have considerable respect for TypePad & Movable Type. I just sorta miss the days when LJ only had like 300,000 accounts and you were almost guaranteed an interesting read when you went to a random one...

Though of course I there are a whole lot of very perfectly lovely people on my flist who came along after even the million mark.

johnny come lately

heeeyyy...i was late too.

Re: johnny come lately

So you did.

When I was checking to see who had account numbers greater than 1000000, I was clicking on the blue user links in my "friends" info.

evidently i have read yours lately, and thus missed it. My bad.

Interestingly, kitkatlj seems to be the only one who joined before I did. Which is odd, because I don't really remember a time when there weren't a gagillion people on my flist. Herm.

Re: johnny come lately

Or 'so you were'.

Think I got lost between 'come lately' and 'was late'. Dratted tenses.