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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Yet Another Cautionary Tale

I dreamed about zombies last night.

In a sort of abstract way - perhaps I was fighting them on NetHack or something. Anyway, I know they were there, because I woke up thinking about them, but I was not in any wise terrified - at least, not enough to wake up.

Having delivered t3h sist4r to school for a group sojourn to the state DramaCon, I procured milk and sugar from a local establishment. A world without tea is not a world in which I wish to endeavor existence.

However, four and a half hours of sleep are most patently not enough, and again many soft surfaces hearken to me with dulcet tones.

Current Mood: mahhh.
Current Music: the jungle groove from Seussical (in head)

*mumbles something unintelligible*
*takes out Shaun of the Dead*

Ah, there it is. Dancing zombies. All is well with the world.

"Oh, I can't believe you just... that's a classic!"

Yeah, wonky dreams, here I come. Come on mail, bring me my curries! Must have sweet curried rice and lamb in grape leaves before passing out. Yay for harvesting my own grape leaves this year. Boo for loosing them somewhere. Half-a-yay for Kisa the cat, who found them. In the bottom of the freezer. After I defrosted it. Twice. Good kitty. Half-a-yay for prepackaged, oversalted grape leaves.


That's it. No more waiting for sweet curry. Grinding spices, making my own curry now!


Mail-car! With nothing for me.

*passes out in curry makings*