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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
horrid thought(s) ....and some non-horrid ones too I suppose

I wonder if the only people I end up being really good friends with are those who impinge least on my introversion.

Case study: I really like Liz. She is way fun. But I simply cannot spend significant amounts of time with her on any sort of frequent basis. It makes me very tired.

On the other hand, there are people with whom I can spend many days with little or no discomfort.


In other news, I begin to despair of T3H PROJECT OMG getting done before I come back to school. It was fun when I was dl'ing 20 Eagles charts in one night. It's kind of started to become drudgery now, and the coastline of songs is expanding exponentially by the day. And I only have about 3 days (due to camp sojourn Thurs-Fri). And I know that until I get ALL THE SONGS ON THE LIST I will never finish the project, because that, for some reason, is how I function.

I should burn a coupla index cd's with all the MP3s. For great playlist and all that.

And, because it is five till midnight, I am hungry. Obviously the result of too much Broadway Diner in my rash youth.

Sorta speaking of which, some kind of wild shenanigans need to ensue asap upon school return.

While I'm in the mood for shenanigans and ruthless shanghaiing (a word of nebulous etymology that I think was used to greatest effect in the early stages of Catch-22), wonder if a certain GM might be swayed to run some SW Sunday the 17th. Or possibly on multiple occasions that weekend.

Yesss. Killing zombies. For great justice.

Out of the corner of your eye you think see the shadowy figure of a woman who looks rather like an older, darker-haired Lucy gazing lovingly at a pair of Colt 45s - but by the time you look properly, she is no longer there, and you shake your head and dismiss the crazy notion.</i>

Colt 45 and two zig zags...

OK, it's not the Afroman song, that's clear, but while the SW refference makes me want to ask D6 or D20 (Star Wars), I'm reasonably sure that doesn't go hand in hand with Colt 45s or zombies, unless you're in some peculiar Deadlands version that I'm unaware of...


Oh, and somewhere out there, there was a multi-tierd CD contents database system I loved, which I lost when my most recent computer took something like 20 successive power hits and ignited. If I find it again, I'll point you at it. Sounds like you need data tracking capabilities.

Mmm, RPGs. The general public doesn't know what it's missing.

Give some people an inch...

....and they will talk your off:

SW = Savage Worlds, a shiny new(ish) system by Shane Lacy Hensley (and I didn't have to look that up, and for that reason I rock.)

As best I understand, it's notably different from any extant system in that it's really incredibly simple (simple enough that someone with a fairly absorptive mind can grasp most of the main structures of the system within one or two sessions.) In fact, I think I have only been to one session that has not involved anyone completely fresh to the system, and ironically, that was probably the most chaotic of the lot thus far. ....granted, by 'the lot' I mean 'four'. EG: instead of having 3587 different kinds of magical missile attacks, I think there are about 3. They have different trappings (and thus are customisable), but there are only a very few basic numeric structures. Easy.

The Savage Worlds system of scenarios is somewhat more complex; I do not quite have a grasp on it. Currently in progress is Zombie Run, a 10 (? 10-ish) episode Savage Tale that involves (guess what) killing zombies. rhwainwright is playtesting Scairy Tales, which is something called a Savage Setting. And there's something else with the first name "Savage" but I don't remember what it is. There are also one-shot tales (we played one over Thanksgiving and one last week.)

For information from people who actually know what they're talking about, you might snoop around the SW section of the Pinnacle forums (http://www.peginc.com/forum/index.php) ... which, it occurs to me, you might already be aware of (there's Deadlands stuff there too, & some other things.)

...Anyway, if Mr. W. was GM'ing Star Wars (a concept that I admit I find moderately outlandish, given his current opinion of many things George Lucas), zombies would surely manage to work their way in somehow. ;)

Would be glad to have a DB thingety, though at the moment am just using the original OMG T3H PROJECT post as a sort of to-do list.


Talk your main belt off.

::thwap self::

Re: *

No worries there, happens all the time. Typically someone (often myself) will be talking along about kittens and sheep shaped cheesecakes with crunchies, and *THRONK* the belt will go.

I'm seriously considering getting myself retrofitted with either a turbine quarter-shaft clutch or a wankel-rotary design so as to eliminate the belt entirely, but that would likely result in overheating. There's nothing worse than catching fire and igniting the contents of one's bag, especially if one has just cleaned up after the dratted weasel/badger babies again. Foo, they're cute as buttons, but unless I can sort a method for getting them to not use their burrow (in my closet) as a loo, all is not well.

Meanwhile, on the Star Wars front, I'm afraid when I run Star Wars, it's rather closer to gravitics, tactical smart missile usage, engine shadow techniques, and... well, lots of very silly detail of almost no interest to anyone who's not stuck on Baen books and stuff like The Shiva Option and Honor Harrington.

Yep, a vac with issues and a desperate desire for primary beams. Mlargh.

In other words, talk all you want, I have belts aplenty.