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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
A letter to Mr. Schnoebelen

From an article found here.

I find it ironic that you use demographic statistics to distinguish the D&D population (mostly shy white adolescent males, you write) from the population of convicted murderers (mostly members of minority groups in their 20's and 30s), but that you do not do any such comparison between the D&D population (mostly shy white adolescent males) and the population of determined suicides (guess what ... also mostly shy white adolescent males.)

Nor is any consideration given to the possibility that one who is psychologically disoriented enough to commit unfortunate acts under the influence of D&D is probably not going to be the most stable individual under any circumstances, and would quite possibly be susceptible to other diversive influences. It hardly seems wise to call on numbers when the numbers are not convincing.

If Stackpole doesn't "get" the underlying spiritual concerns, why do you scorn him rather than explaining them to him? Furthermore, his statement that "obviously ... no child is safe at any time", and the author's concurrence with this from his own standpoint, leads one to wonder why, then, any of us are bothering at all. I rather suspect it was the "at any time" bit that tripped you up. There is nothing in your power to do about this - ever. I am a woman, and thus (Biblically) have the advantage over you when it comes to understanding powerlessness and submission (and, please note, that I am not telling you what to do, but simply telling you what I do. And I'm even not doing it in church). To claim power as your own is pride (and pride is a form of idolatry, and surely you know that idolatry is a sin). The power is God's, and God's alone.

You also state "our concern here is not what unsaved non-Christians do with D&D." Why are you not concerned about the unsaved? Why do you think it is more important to exert control over those who are not part of your religious club? Jesus came for the sheep that were lost now, not the ones that might become lost in the future.

Sean Sellers, convicted of and executed for murder, understands something that you, Mr. Author, do not: We are ultimately responsible for our own actions, regardless of how we are influenced to them.

Furthermore, referring to a young man whose horrific past got him to a place and time where he was ready to accept salvation as a 'worst case scenario' seems rather foolish. In the final outcome, Sean won. "He who loves his life shall lose it", and evidently, you see death of the body as undesirable. (This false equation permeates much of your statement.) Would you, who have been no less in spiritual peril than Sean, refer to your own salvation as a worst-case scenario? I hope not.

Sir, you play dirty. You make assumptions that no one you are trying to persuade will take seriously; this is your hubris and the demise of your argument. And you have not convinced me.


Upon further reflection, possibly another difficulty of this article is that it spends a lot of time telling the reader what to think and little telling the reader what to do (a difficulty more traditionally left to the Catholics that Mr. S. also roundly scorns.)

Incidentally, the folk at blessedquietness don't seem to think much of Jack Chick, who is (evidently) the Chick of chick.com (though I can't find anything to that end...) I rather doubt they think much of D&D either, but they might (if they addressed the topic) provide a more convincing argument.