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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

SUPER SNAPS OF HOTNESS go to winmx'er Telepathic_Octopus_Juice, who struggled with me through a 2.5 hour download. I am now proud to have City of the Angels, which I plan to burn immediately after "Lights" because KCFX always played them in succession, and for many years I thought they were actually the same song. Day 4 of downloading is a success if for no other reason than that.

OH, and I finally got The Pretender (Jackson Browne). ::wins:: A super-duper success with a side of hash browns.

And I finally bit the bullet and dl'd and installed Acrobat, which only took like half an hour. Grrrrrrr.

The entire right side of my head and neck are stiff and hurting, and it feels like I have a dry spot in my right ear (hot, itchy, burny.) Perhaps it is high time I take some drugs and take a sleep. Hmm.

Drugs? Sleep?

Wait a minute, why can't I have the drugs and sleep needed to produce a friend named Telepathic_Octopus_Juice? Here I am whiling away my time with friends like George and Stephano and... well a whole bunch of other made up names, really... and suddenly I hear of this most wonderful name and: More. Drugs. Needed

Hmm. All I have is habeneros. Happily, chowing one of those should raise my endorphin levels enough to come up with some sort of useful name. Or, uh... many bad words in a row.

Habeneros are how I linked blue streak to swearing - munch one and your words leave vapor trails, similar to those descriptions British troops from the late 50s provide of lysergic acid use. Curiously enough, the pain is sometimes intense enough that it feels as though an octopus - though I always get the face hugger reference from Aliens instead - has latched on and is attempting to inject pedagogical process via 80 mg does of paracetamol and a number nine stainless steel drip.

Somewhere in there, RNA transferase has colluded with viral marketing, creating a process not unlike subliminal messaging; after repeated exposure to a product your own words about a product or effect gain wings in addition to vapor trails. Blue streaks, you see, and people accuse you of being dusted.

Suddenly the whole concept of telepathic octopus juice in situations other than nomenclature begin to make sense. Gift shops begin selling pixie dust and necklaces to hold the dust in, people claim calamari is the path to truth and righteousness. An octopus temporarily stored at Petco climbs from its tank and devours all the angelfish in the next tank over before returning to its favorite rock.

A rock anthem is born.

Any more spice and I'm reasonably sure I'll start commenting at random just about anywhere. Bad WDV! More sleep, less mouth fire.

Re: Drugs? Sleep?

Alternatively, all I have are habeneros.





...........Can I have your autograph?

Re: ::speechless::

Mmm, finally time on my hands - One autograph: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13465171/ - that being the place I host my art stuff. If bored, check out http://nhillium.deviantart.com - I'm definitely not happy with how the autograph pic came out, but it's better than nothing, and the real artwork make me feel better about the sorry state of my signature.

Re: ::speechless::

Hey tim_, thanks. Yeah, the image merge method is something I've considered, but I don't currently have a tripod.

I have been blocking the focus somewhat, since my eyes tend to adapt for what the camera isn't seeing when I'm shooting. Alas, only one clean lighting in the whole thing, even though a couple of the other shots were in better focus.