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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

That babies are born, that mothers and fathers love them. I implore you to pardon my sacrilege, but it seems this season I cannot think of baby Jesus swaddled and in a manger without my mind's eye seeing Mallory and Keith and tiny little Drew in his carrier seat. The miracle is new every day, and it is beautiful.

To me, all that has gone into lives before mine to make me able to be what I am today - grandparents who learned by living how to be thrifty, and who kept being thrifty their whole lives so that I could afford to go to college and get my brain to do things that I never guessed existed, to understand that I grew so much so I can still grow, so I could meet gads and Tiffany and rhwainwright and Dr. Hamel and Doc. So that they could change my life, so that perhaps I can change others (because I could never repay them.) That my joy may be full.

To see little kids dressed up like shepherds, and to know that they are like the shepherds - maybe they don't get it right now, but they will very soon. To see Christmas at the front of a rather unaesthetic worship space, badly mic'd, with a motley cast ranging from Larry to Sarah to a metal-frame yard angel, and to remember: this is Jesus who makes the blind see, who makes the lame walk, who makes a little girl festooned with tinsel garland the most beautiful angel of all, because of the tidings she brings when she remembers her lines and when she asks for another cookie in the fellowship hall afterwards.

Wonderment be yours.

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