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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Over it, apparently

Fashion WTF of the day: Pants *inside* boots?

Survey says: Just Don't Do It.

Perhaps I am grossly behind in the fashion realm, but I would rather be grossly behind than having to wear Mom Jeans, which are the only kind that would work crammed inside boots (which looks painfully dumb ANYWAY.)

Okay, done now, methinks.


If I had rockin' boots, I would tuck them in my pants.

I'm not sure if you actually meant you would tuck your boots in your pants or vice versa, or whether you were being sarcastic, but:

Boot rules are completely different for guys. Girls can wear skirts to showcase hot boots. Guys should probably not try this at home or anywhere else.

And anyway, I've seen the boots this year, and none of the tall ones are even remotely interesting.

*would tuck my pants in my boots.


In all places, I would _far_ rather be grossly out of whatever is ephemerally considered 'current fashion' than get snow up in the cuffs of my pants.

Of course, Minnesota is being a bad host by being far behind the snow production ball this my first year here. Still, it's a practice that has served me in the past and I'm sure will do in the future.

I miss my knee-high boots from my college years. I remember sometime late sophomore or early junior year when macfrode mentioned in passing that for the past two years I'd been being referred to by the campus hoi polloi as 'the girl with the hair and the boots'. I was somewhat amused by that perspective.

Re: *shrug*

I will of course concede function over form any day. It seemed, however, that the writers of the article in question were somewhat less than concerned with function.

And I continue in search of The Perfect Boots. I thought I had a pair for a while, but it seems I was mistaken (they melted when I rested my feet on the radiator pipes in the computer rooms...)

Re: *shrug*

I also belatedly consider that for those poor individuals afflicted with 'bellbottoms' and the like it is probably difficult to stuff them into boots.

Fortunately I have never yet found myself in such dire circumstances.

Re: *shrug*

::laughs aloud:: Indeed.

And I, coming from a place where (a) any significant snowfall is enough to make students by the dozens pull on running pants and dig out their inner tubes, and (b) pants are never made quite long enough, do not have much experiental appreciation for snow-in-cuffs.

Re: *shrug*

Oooooh, yes, good point. My college was on the south end of Central Maine or the north end of Southern Maine (depending on who you ask). I frequently found myself wading through a foot or two of snow on the way to class. (Yes, I could have used the paths provided they 1. Went where I was Going (frequently someone would have the audacity to park a snowbank taller than myself smack in the middle of one of my established shortcuts) 2. Weren't compressed to Slick Dangerousity or 3. Churned to a Muddy Mess)

Yep, a pair of knee-high boots that went over my jeans or under my calf-length skirts was a staple. I sighed in despair whenever I went through the soles of my current pair. I settle for calf-high 'snow boots' now. I just can't seem to find the knee high ones anymore.

Re: *shrug*

Though I cannot profess to be much of a shopping maven myself, nor am I well-versed in your taste in winterish boots, it seems that the prevailing fashion climes (scorn them though we do) might be appropriate for boot-finding, if you were so inclined...

Re: *shrug*

I'll have to look around, then. I really should look for a replacement for my wool trenchcoat that finally died last spring anyways. With no snow on the ground and frequent car trips replacing my former percentage of travel-by-foot, somehow I keep imagining that it is warmer out than it really is. Winter has arrived if precipitationlessly here and it is _brisk_.

I hate clothes shopping. And I don't know where any of the Salvation Army/Goodwills are here which is where all my favorite coats and boots have been found. But, it's my own fault for not looking harder with all the 'net at my disposal.

But not tonight. Church and more wondrous (only semi-sarcastic) hours of money-earning await me in the quite near future and therefore I really must go court some Z's.

Re: *shrug*

One day I hope to find a coat like the sixth-class math teacher at my elementary school had - an enormous flared ankle-length quilted contraption, probably large enough to house a small family.

For some reason this put me in mind of a picture I drew in art at that school in third grade. All I remeber was that it was of three women wearing dresses, and I kept deciding that I hadn't made their skirts flare enough. Hmm...

Z's sound fab. Anon! To bed!

Boots: Comfort and falling down.

Doc Martens would probably fit both comfort and fashion - I wear them because I can go running in 'em and if necessary I can pull the pants in boots trick, as well as clunk people with the steel toe and steel shank. However, Docs aren't the warmest of boots and they have traction for bugger all, so being in Maine, the last pair I bought - oh, seven years ago now as they last forever - I had resoled with Vibram soles. Much less falling down, adds mass to the boots, and still works for running.

I tend to wear fatigues or work pants, and the pants down the inside of the boot is generally solved for by an angled fold in the pants. The whole trick lies in tying the boot upper in such a way as to not compress the lower leg.

Alas, I'm about as fashion sensitive as a kitten on fly-paper, but with the Docs, I got lucky.

Re: Boots: Comfort and falling down.

You're hilarious! D'you mind if I friend you?

Re: Boots: Comfort and falling down.

Feel free, though I warn you I tend to be occasionally off-color and acid in my not-posting-on-other-people's-journals stuff. Mind if I friend you in exchange? Oh, and I also think I'm a wetdryvac sometimes, which renders posts occasionally confusing even to me.

Re: Boots: Comfort and falling down.

Please feel free.

Esp. about the acidic & off-color stuff. ;)