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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

And must get out of bed, and put on clothes, and go in search of sugar for tea.

Yes, and must hope Amber did not fall asleep taking her final.

Yes, and must take every zig out of composition.

Yes, and must actually remember to PRINT bylaws & copy little Form o' Stupid.

::finds sugar, drinks tea with great half-and-half, relishes::

To Columbia!
To your mom's house!
To great justice!

Later that evening...
current music: All Your Base (did ya really have to ask?)

I have no memory whatsoever of typing 'did ya really have to ask?'. It hardly sounds like something I'd say.

Officially weirded out.

Current Mood: WRAWR!
Current Music: All Your Base (did ya really have to ask?)

You make me laugh.

I'm glad. :D

If you think I'm funny, you'd get a huge kick out of rhwainwright...

Yeah, but rhwainwright didn't dress up in men's clothing and don a mustache for the sake of OM in eighth grade.

No, this is true.

However, he did invent an All Your Base photography paper on the spur of the moment last night. For great hilarity.

Move zig, move zig, move zig, move zig...

For great justice take off every zig.

'Cos those hurt when you sleep on 'em.