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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


I wonder if they sell heat-seal plastic stuff at fabric stores??!?!??

::forsees wild times in her near future::


OMG is right! ::covets::

i think my favorite part is ogling the ridiculous number of neighborhoods they list for each city. 18th and Vine, CWE, Shadyside, what what!


You can even choose between "Overland Park" and "O.P." Am glad pretentious Blue Valley kids do not know about this and hope they do not find out. Am also tempted to get "Charlottenburg" things for relatives in that part of Berlin, as well as "Alexanderplatz" and "Namesti Republiky" because that's where the ho(s)tels I stayed in in Berlin and Prague were =)

Re: O_o

I also hope that the Bubble of Ignorance may descend upon BV. (Well, perhaps it already has....)

I must say that if I were ever prompted to get a West County hoodie, it would be with much tongue-in-cheek action. Though a pair of "18th & Vine" undies would cause me much glee. I could wear them to jazz concerts :)

Re: O_o

With pants, I hope =)

Re: O_o

Probably a skirt actually, but yes, something of that nature >;)