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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Today = teh w00t. more later.

however, now = teh tired. Was going to go to Kirby's thing and then practice a bit. Am pretty sure would fall asleep, as I have just done so. ...Twice.

Go to thing or smite self for not going? These are the questions.

What's up???

Hey luce! Long time no see. I'm looking forward to hearing about your w00t-y day, my friend. I'm going home for break next Friday. Are you going to be in the Loo between the 17th and the 8th at all?

My roommate wants to know if you remember where those Lord of the Rings parodies are? Or rather, what they were called? I seem to remember them at ffn. Peace out, mon capitaine.

Re: What's up???

I shall be there at some point between those points, though I cannot at the moment vouch for certain which point it will be.

Must of course regale you with yarns of journalism on the high seas. You will (I hope) be entertained. Though the backstory may cause you to weep.

If you are referring to the Very Secret Diaries, I would refer you here.

If you are referring to the bit about Frodo doing grad field research in geology, ... it seems to have gone the way of the wind, though I keep hoping its author will put it back up. :/

If you are referring to something else, ... I am at a loss.

Peace out indeed. :D Shall be in touch re: vacation plans.

Happy birthday, apparently!

(also, the_bolter seems to be referring to the Very Secret Diaries...)

Thanks :D :D

-- I certainly would not put it past her. ;)