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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Opening night went okay, I guess. I still don't know Wilde well enough to get much more out of it than a bunch of hilarious lines in post-Victorianese. But I didn't hear anyone complain.

Have just wandered across to Con and back. The quad was silent and empty and cold and wet and thoroughly beautiful. Almost want to wander across to Con again just for the sake of enjoying it, but really should be doing things for 411. I should be able to pull a B, though I may still get an Inc at semester. Got book review and AE 4 done today. w00t to me.

feel like I had other things to say, but cannot quite articulate them offhand. Watch this space.

Eh, good job. - Someday I will understand what it is in the back of our mind that trips when we arrive someplace we know to be "home". I don't notice it so much when I walk into the building where my bed is (or, when moving somewhere new, even a place where I know my bed soon will be.) I notice it mostly when I go through the door to the Con. Hrm.

oh and People said I did good on recital today (or "better than I've ever heard you play on recital, I think.") I wasn't sure I believed them. I had two kinds of notes: good ones and air solos. And there were a LOT of air solos. But maybe I *sounded* better. It didn't feel different, not much anyway - only a little more solid. And a lot less nervous, I guess. Hrm, again.

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