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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Went to Columbia posthaste after band.

Got slides just in time and have looked at them. Slides r00le.

Went to mall. Wandered about. Made it to LB finally for The Jeans - they were supposed to go back out onto the floor last night at close. Weren't on the rack. Tried on a bunch of others and found some that I liked nearly as well and was about to buy them when I thought to ask if they could check and see if my ones from Saturday were still there.

They were. I was wildly excited.

Then they rang up at 29.99 instead of 59.50, and I was so wildly excited I seriously thought I might faint.

Then I went to Target, where the coup de jour was that the long tank tops were on sale for 3.48. I bought a green one, a blue one, and a purple one.

THEN I filled up my SAI bottle with non-boil water and made my happy way home.

Now to tackle MR. I can DO it, I can do it! I'M GONNA WEAR THE JEANS TOMORROW!!!

Current Mood: victorious
Current Music: I had a feeling I could be someone.

I am intrigued by the thought of said fancy new Jeans. It must be such a treat to get to go shopping this close to the end of school. At this point I'm stuck at home writing (to use your method) the Paper From Hell. English, I rue thee!

Will you be in St. Louis over break? And if so, I kind of want to see you while I'm there, after all these years. I'm just itching to re-meet you :D

Said Jeans were so significant to my clothing life that shopping was, frankly, not an option (rather a necessity superceding even the 8-10 p. paper due tomorrow at 12:30.)

It is very probable that I will be in St. L. at some point during break (it is also entirely probable that I will be in KC at some points too - for everyone's scheduling pleasure.) Am wildly excited at prospect of Shenanigans. Will even wear fancy new jeans ;)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

::w00ts of glee::

(d'you want to del. your no. from here now that i have it?)

Eh, I can't imagine anyone else here would want to contact me, but shure :D

That is an exciting sale there. Unexpected twenty dollar savings is too much fun.

There. My silly little comment to add. And I'm off to bed.

Oh, and by the way, I read your earlier post, and why is it that you're having to boil your water? Is there some bacteria amidst?

An exciting sale indeed ::hops::

Have no idea why we're having to boil water - perhaps has something to do with maintenance to water system upstream; we were warned about it Sunday night (well in advance.) Mysteries abound.

Then they rang up at 29.99 instead of 59.50

There--you see? :) :)

Nine jeans for Men, atop their uncaring thrones
Five for dwarven lords, in their golden homes.
Three jeans for Elves, if they can find them
One jeans to rule them all
And in the darkness buy them.

One M'F'ing anti-theft tag to befoul the wardrobe plans.