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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
March fools.

Today was band day. I got up and was trotting down to the baseball field at 6:30 am.
By 9:00, I had been moved up to the unloading area so as to better direct people to the baseball field, and went to work in the SAI stand.
At 9:30, Hilary came back from hearing her student, so I went outside again.
At 10:30, I returned to the concession stand.
At 11:00, I went to Ed Psych and fell asleep four times.
At 12:00, I resumed parking work and ate some pizza and talked to some kids from, um,... Salsbury, which I probably just misspelled.
At 2:00, I did another hour in the concession stand.
At 3:00, I went back outside and ran from the trailer to the ball diamond to tell the people from Odessa that they were leaving. Or maybe that was before I went to the concession stand. I don't remember. I think it was. Before, I mean.
Then I stood outside until like 6:00. It started to snow, and it was unbelievably pretty - about the time it started to snow was about the time when I was so cold I didn't care about the cold anymore. My face is still a little puffy. But the snow was so very beautiful. I think I will never really care how bitterly cold it is if it is snowing. Snow heals all wounds.
Then I helped teardown, and somehow ended up without any dinner.

Mad props and kudos to the cute knitted cap Sarah gave me which kept me (and especially my ears) warm and dry all day in coldness and frozen precipitation and single-digit windchills. Yeah, yo.

Current Mood: starving
Current Music: whatever that thing is Danny plays ALLL the time