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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I noticed while staring at my odometer today on the drive home: There are as many five-digit palindromes as six-digit palindromes. (And as many with 3 digits as 4, and 7 digits as 8, and so forth.)

Does it make me weird if I say that I 'noticed' that?

(Does it make me weird if I am forever worried that people are going to think my journal is asinine because I put journally things in it, like what I did today, but it never occurs to me to wonder if people think I'm too analytical when I notice trivia about palindromes?)


I think it's because you're a musician.

Is it because I am a musician, or am I a musician because of it? Either way, you're probably right. (Or is it really just because I'm easily amused?)

I wonder if I interact with music the same way other people interact with other things they've lived with their whole life but are still really not particularly good at large facets of them. Hmm, must think of better analogy.

INTPs like systems. Sometimes I can't see many similiarities between you and my friend Kate (the other INTP in my life), except that you are both musicians, and both intelligent, but things like this definitely prove that you are similar. Her mother told me that even when she was a young, young child, she would organize her playthings by every different category she could come up with, and sit there for hours, doing so, as if that itself were her playtime.

It's funny how I get feelings (intuitions, one might even say) about what personality types my friends are. I have two friends, Alex, and Charlie, who live hundreds of miles away from eachother, and have never met or heard mention of eachother, except through me. For some reason, in talking to them, I would every now and then get glimpses of the other. After several years, I finally had both of them take the Keirsey to find out what their types were. Turns out there are both INTJs. Charlie is definitely more T than Alex though. Because Alex can actually have a heart when he cares to. :)

INTPs like systems.

Thus, my whole fixation with this MBTI thing. It is the only inarguable and authoritatively definitive (ie., it tells you everything it says it will) system of classification for PEOPLE that I have yet encountered.

When I was small I really liked putting crayons & markers in rainbow order. (I still do for that matter.) I was also really imaginiative, but I spent more time planning what me and my imaginary friends were going to do that day than actually pretending to do it. :p

And, pertinent to friends' types - I think I have been doing this subconsciously for quite some time now. One of my professors has a tendency to give me answers that are not what I am looking for when I ask questions. rhwainwright does this sometimes too (though because we spend more time communicating, and we communicate about things in which I am better versed, this doesn't happen nearly as often.) I have therefore supposed that they are perhaps the same type, and from *that* started asking said prof questions the way I ask rhwainwright questions. And things seem to be going a bit better.