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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Got distracted while looking for sources and found myself flipping through the atlas - the great big one with all the states *and* maps of all the cities.

New York City has an entire two-page spread to itself, plus an adjoining page for Long Island. I stared at that map ... I fell into it. There was Queens and Brooklyn and Staten Island and Manhattan and the odd magnetic pull of those mystical names ... what is the mystery they whisper? I stared at that for a long time.

I turned to Chicago - first the big map, then the map of all Illinois. I found Rockford. I found DeKalb, and just a few hairs left of it Malta - you can stand in a field in Malta (any field) and see the lights at the stadium in DeKalb. (We thought it must be ten miles - the map actually says it's only five...) My eyes started to feel funny. I have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles (not exaggerating) over this far-flung nation of ours, and yet not even two pages was enough to contain less than fifty miles square worth of nooks and crannies and alleyways that you couldn't learn even if you lived to be 100 and spent your whole lifetime trying.

And yet there is nowhere in that atlas that can tell you how to get to the best Einstein Brothers ever in Prairie Village, or the middle school in Dubuque, or to camp, or to my house, or my grandma's.

And though that atlas is 11x17 inches folded and probably 200 pages long, there are six and two thirds more continents of nooks and crannies and alleyways (some more densely packed than others, granted.) And beyond there, there are hundreds of billions of miles of nooks and crannies that nobody has seen yet.

How can a planet be big enough for New York and Chicago and Hong Kong and Tokyo and London and Rome and Delhi ... and be so small at the same time?

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