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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
hugguduh ::swoon::


Shiggagghhghah! Sgkcipplidytee! Ziggitybah!


It's like discovering that the Downside (and all the places that go with it) and all its intricacies and surprises and twists and sudden revelations is real. Only instead of cement and tunnels, it's here online.

The effects of this revelation on me can be likened to what one would experience if the sum total of two or three alcoholic beverages were to leap into effect simultaneously: giddiness, euphoria, dizziness, reeling slightly.

Hopefully also sudden fatigue. I really am going to sleep one of these days. No seriously.

Though I suppose insomnia could be an interesting thing to add to my list of experiences. Possibly also 'becoming a night person' and all that entails. Hmm.

Current Mood: crazycrazy

Yes. I write in it.

Re: Steampunk


erm, did i just stick my foot in my mouth in a major way?

Re: Steampunk

You said something about how Steampunk was cool, I think... I concur! :D

Re: Steampunk



I wasn't sure if at some point I knew you wrote in the genre and had managed to completely cut off that bit of my memory. :p

He swore up and down that one night at the Bobber, he had explained Steampunk to her, even using the phrase "Jules Vernian technology."

Am still unconvinced, though not very convincingly unconvinced. "Jules Vernian technology" sounded completely unfamiliar last night and slightly familiar this morning; this may be because I only remember it from yesterday or for other reasons.