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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Crappity mcCrapsalot.

Forgot that I needed to get out of bed today to put clothes in the dryer and make copies for Prof. Jones.

Result: Clothes will be not quite dry by the time I put a few of them on, quite cold by the time I get back to fold the rest, and Prof. Jones still has no copies. BAD FELLOW. ::smacks::

Also have a test in major readings today which, as per usual, I have forgotten all about. However, I think it's just over James, Machen, and Fosdick. So it should be not too scary. Not *nearly* as horrifying as the last (Kierkegaard/Henry Adams/Otto).

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I am fascinated by what you are reading. :) I just wish there was a "cliffs notes" version of all of those major people that I could sit down, read, and understand in an afternoon.

Random question... Where did Crappy McCrapsalot come from? I recognize the reference... from somewhere??


I have seen something online with lots of little blurbs of philosophers - when I find it I'll send you the link.

I'm not sure where Mr. McC came from originally - I think I heard it at school or something, aeons ago.

Do not diss the Henry Adams! J'ADORE the Henry Adams! I even included his name - twice! - in my statement of purpose! <3

You need to find "The Education of Henry Adams" and read the chapter entitled something like "The Virgin and the Dynamo." Do it now! It rocks! <3 <3 <3

We did.

I will revisit it later, but I found it far too nebulous for me to want to take a test over it.

Even I haven't read the whole she-bang yet. I bought it, though, and wanted to read it this summer. Maybe over Christmas?

(I actually bought a hard-bound volume of most of his compiled works - DORK)

Does it have a little ribbon bookmark?

If so, that's the same one as Dr. Nutter has, and that I got from the library. :)

yep :) LIbrary of America version

mother says ..

Blow dry your clothes ;)

And *hugs* to the rest of it (do I hug people I've never met? No, but this is livejournal ;)

Re: mother says ..

Hee :)

Only my t-shirt was still damp at the shoulders - my pants are nylonny and were dry after 20 minutes. (actually they were probably dry almost instantaneously.)

Don't think I did very well on the test and almost wept during conducting (the class and the actual conducting.)

But I had a really good lesson. That ... well, it didn't make up for it, but it seems to have saved me from the depths of despair. For today at least. ;)