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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
letter i just sent mum about tuition

TO: mum
RE: I'm glad you remembered the money transfer for tuition payments

since i had been meaning to e- and remind you but had not managed to figure out what day it was today (or indeed all week.) [She'd asked if I could cover any part of the $500.]

there is currently $0.18 in my bank acct. i have $104 that can be deposited there tomorrow. [and about $1.50 in quarters that I was planning to use for laundry - I spent my last paper money last night on coffee.

but ::argh::

i'm pretty sure that i sat down and made a list of the things i needed to spend $104 on, it would come out to a lot more than $104. like getting my coat cleaned and finding warm pants to wear that don't have enormo holes in the thighs. [and the pinstripe skirt from target. and the yellow fabric that i want to make a summer dress with. and film developing. and a roll of slide film. and sai dues. and the hoodie i just ordered. smart move there.] i was also invited to join omicron delta kappa, which means that someone on the faculty thinks i'm cool, but other than that i'm not really sure why i would want to (plus they want $60.)

i may be able to accumulate at least one chunk of $500 before spring, but i certainly can't do it for this month. :p

[Here I wanted to insert "I'm going to get a pretty big check in December, but I wanted to buy Christmas presents with it." But that just sounds pathetic. I also wanted to say "This really makes me want to go 'sod grad school, sod next semester, I'm going to go work in Admissions'" but that sounds really bitter. So all I had to end with was]

so ... yes.

looking forward to seeing you sat.

<3 me :D

I hate being worried about money like this because I KNOW it's stupid.

It makes me mad with no direction.


That's okay, I just had a dream that I saw the Bolsheviks take over the Russian Parliament.

I discovered you can't close your eyes in dreams.