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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I do not know that there is anything in the world with quite the psychological impact of someone voicing that thing you most fear but have always been able to solidly rationalize away.

It is scarcely different right now. I have not been told anything I do not know. It hasn't been said loudly. But just knowing that someone else sees it too will keep me up at night for months.

It is significant not only what the information is, but where it comes from, and when, and how - not because it changes the information, but because it changes shapes and shadows and time and color.

Current Mood: anxiousvague

Face it. Take the sting out of it. Embrace it, cut your losses if need be, and move around it. Whatever it is. :)

Those are my Gen. Patton Words of Advice for the day. (No, I pulled that out of my butt, but it sounded like something he might have said....)

Unfortunately it is not nearly that simple.

More shall be said when the time is ripe. Hopefully not for several years yet.

Eh, I tried - guess that is why I'm not an army general. :) *sends prayers*

He wondered if she'd been talking to Crystal.

Er, no. Frankly I'm not sure if she likes me very much.


Though he'd little idea what fear sister bear referred to (though it hardly need be said she was free to discuss it with him at any time), and Crystal did not seem to have any problem with Lucy that Richard knew of, he was aware of a quite candid fear Crystal had whose manifestations crossed the line of metaphysics on several occasions.

The frightening thing, and the one that freaked Richard's shit out regularly, was his complete belief of everything she had told him.

Am fascinated, albeit probably to no avail.
Metaphysics: it's what's for dinner.