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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
My friends rule.

Have been wasting time on lifetimetv.com. Don't ask me how I got there, I don't know.

However, there is a thread in something like a forum that asks people to talk about their best friends. Much as I would have liked to post then and there, I would be hard put to come up with a best friend to talk about. I don't think I've had A best friend since about fifth grade (when I only had one friend).

So here, without further ado, are snaps to my friends. I cannot possibly appreciate you enough and they're nowhere near as much as you deserve and I'm sorry I don't say things like this more often.

adam_j_lupin What a way to start the list. :D You, m'dear, are awesome. I am quite serious when I say that I really can't imagine what my life would have been like without you in it. Watching you grow up (and growing up with you) has been way fun. Thanks for putting up with me when I was in eighth grade (hee hee). I love you :) <3

arthenadent After only two years (less than that, even) of actual hanging-out time, you have often provided a breath of fresh air (read: silliness) when I am getting mired down about how many papers I have to write, the size of my thighs, and the like. She has on many occasions shown me the reasons why life is good and serves as a living reminder of how much better things are when you just be yourself.

code65536 I don't think I've seen you since 1999, and I don't know if we would call each other friends in the non-LJ context, but I think it's really cool that you study economics and do computery things and go hiking and listen to classical music. (You are also singlehandedly [if I remember correctly] responsible for making of me a Firefox convert...)

cynthia_black We live in different situations on different continents, and though you probably think your life is quite mundane, it looks from here very much like the kind of life I would like to live someday. You demonstrate daily that it IS possible, and your journaling gives me hope that I will see the beauty of it when that time comes.

d_beast I could say so much here and most of it would begin with "Remember that time when we ...". You are amazing and awesome and embody even more interesting paradoxes than I find in myself. I am periodically astonished that our live interactions should maintain such a level of consistency given how much time usually elapses between them - in that way, perhaps, you remind me that even amidst disasters and renovations, some things stay the same.

desolation_no You remind me of a bit of myself I sometimes wish I was in better touch with. You are alive when I feel like I'm not, you are smiling when I am not, you are creative and random when I can't see past the things I don't want to do. You have also waved and gotten my attention on behalf of real life when I am in such a deep funk that I don't know whether up or down would be better, and for that I am (and will forever be) grateful.

dithie You study Greek, are a fellow religion person, have a Button, and are a fount of hilarity. Stinking awesome. Seriously, what more could I ask for? ;D

emaline412 has the dubious distinction of being the person on this list who has known me longest (other than adam_j_lupin). She still talks to me, so I guess that's a good sign. ;) Probably without trying, you show me how important it is to stand up for something, to use my heart and not always my head, and not to take life so seriously. I'm glad to know you're still alive. :D

gads The keeper of many running jokes, the provider of perspectives I would never consider on my own, and the one responsible for bringing me along to camp: you have been there for the vast majority of the most important events of my current existence. Simply by your presence you keep me in mind of many things whose importance I would not even know if not for you. I'm glad I never have to go to meeting without you.

glitteraryfaery You are beautiful and it's been forever but I do stop by once in a while just in case someday you come back. It's been one year, two months, and fifteen days since you last posted, and I can almost recite that entire entry now. But I keep checking and I keep hoping. I think you may be the first person I friended on LJ that I didn't know already in RL.

kitkatlj I don't remember when I first met you but I know it was ages hence and I think it had something to do with French. I haven't seen you for ages either (two years?) but since five of your interests start with 'ancient' I harbor a hope that two years (or three...) won't actually seem terribly long. You also do lots of cool things (like going to France and swing dancing) that I hope I have enough guts to try one of these days.

maria_futura Where even to start. ::agog:: Thank you for just ... being there. Willing to smile and send me <3s whether I was goofy happy or thoroughly wrung through. I think you see something in me that I sometimes don't believe is there, but you always remind me of it. One of these days we will abscond to New Orleans and live there happily ever after. Or something. ;)

ofalltime Ah, my horn-playing mello-marching cohort. Remember when we were both going to go to Northwestern, so you could do undergrad and I could do an MME and we could hang out? What are you doing with yourself these days? How is seniordom? Where are you going next year?

pinkishpoodle One day I will come upstairs and sit on your futon and we will drink coffee and things will be happy again. I don't think you read this any more and I doubt I have the guts to say so to your face, but I feel like some chasm has opened up between us. I have some inkling how it got there, but I pretty much just wish it wasn't. I do <3 you to pieces, even though I never know how to show it, and I hope someday soon we'll get things figured out again.

pockawida You are awesome and make me smile frequently. For some reason I still can't quite fathom you seem to think I am pretty neat, and the fact that you point this out to me frequently helps me on those days when I can't really see it myself know that perhaps I do have a redeeming trait or two that I can believe in. I look forward to continue hanging out with you. :D

qtfriend2all Off-the-chain and living-loud and fearless and unapologetically honest and unbelievably brilliant - I don't talk to you anymore nearly as much as I should. You are blazingly amazing and I am so glad to have somehow run into you in this wilderness known as the web.

qubic If there were ever twenty people running around that I think you'd get along with awesomely, it's the freshmen in the Con this year. And if that's the case, I really wish I had gotten to know you better while we were still in school together. You have a wit dryer than a desert martini (one part dry gin, go into the next room and whisper 'vermouth') and a way of capturing the questions that plague everyone that cannot but make me chuckle (and contemplate them afresh).

rhwainwright lends me Watchmen, teaches me Savage Worlds, hauls my crabby self out to have fun at odd hours of the night, throws great splotches of grainy, gritty color into my days, brings in everything I would never think to pick on my own, opens up worlds that are beyond my dreaming, and enriches my life beyond all compare. Many of the people on this list are very different from me, but he is different like suspending a drop of adamantine glass over frozen irony.

smsuprincess pledged with me, didn't kill me the one time when I drove over a curb, got lost with me for hours trying to find Jo-Ann, and I really thought I saw you here the other day, and I totally flipped out. ;)

the_bolter If I am ever published, it will be your fault. (Two years of drafts ranging from mediocre to horrid, and this is the best I can do? OH wait! I know!...)
Thanks for nothing, jackass! ;D (Especially all the CDs. And the socks. And the hat. And the hours listening to me pine about the Beep. And ...)

vera_pavlovna regales me with tales of toilet paper and other hilarity. I have also recently discovered shoebox_project c/o her userinfo (and at a tipoff from the sis), and that is great. And you have Bo Ling's on your interests list and a bunch of my friends on your flist, which means I probably know you in real life but now have no idea who you are.... oh dear, perhaps I shouldn't have said that

xphilega YOU WENT TO CHINA! And told us about it! Both of which are totally freaking awesome. Other than that, you seem (by my standards) to be ... well, pretty not-weird. It is encouraging to know that someone else out there is just ... living ... sort of like I am, and pretty much enjoying it.

This is the time in my life when I realize that while I will continue to grow, those rough essential changes are almost over - when I see that the people I am friends with now are the same people I will (hopefully) be friends with ten, twenty, sixty years from now, when I see that relationships have been built that can last.

Current Music: Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls

vera_pavlovna used to be vera_pavlovna. Her name Emily too. She went to South and was friends with my roommate Mel (moonmaid) and/or my friend Nick (darkyak) and/or kitkatlj. Not sure about that.

Ah! I remember vera_pavlovna.

Things slide into reason. Thanks. :)

Yep! I was friends with all of the aformentioned persons (although I've kept in better contact with darkyak and kitkatlj than Mel since then). I also suspect that emaline412 and I went to preschool together, but that's not really related to anything....

Anyway, the Shoebox Project is awesome.

Yeah it is!

I especially appreciate that it's divided up into discrete chunks - makes me better able to savor slowly rather than reading the whole darn thing at once. (Also keeps me from losing entire days reading it...)

Aw thanks :-)

I hope your life contains less of the wibbling that I'm prone to though.

Eh. Wibbling I can deal with. :D

For some reason I still can't quite fathom you seem to think I am pretty neat

because you are, duh ;-D

And *now* you have reminded me that the world is full of people who haven't lived with me for nigh on 22 years and know every single stupid thing I've ever done. Which is really, really exciting to think about.


even more exciting

You have seven more years to catch up to my degree of stupidity. But I don't think you will somehow ;)

Re: even more exciting

You never know. I have many skills. ;)

awe..i wish i had been there and seen everyone. i WILL find a weekend this year to come visit. Hopefully I can do it next semester when I have no classes on Friday and I can come up for a meeting and everything....i LOVE you guys...i regret transferring nearly every day for the fact that I dont' have the same tone of closeness that I had with you guys..anyway...talk to you soon!

Adamantine and irony

Having become the subject of the coolest metaphor ever conceived in the history of mankind, Richard now felt at peace and suffieciently unable to craft an essay about star-crossed lovers.

Re: Adamantine and irony

Appropriately, I still don't really get it, but I recognized its component parts as soon as I saw them (with no small sense of astonishment that some part of my brain came up with such a thing).

Anyway, glad you liked it, and am always delighted to foil essay-writing plans.

I <3 you! :P

Thanks for the write-up! ...A desert martini, eh? Damn you for making me thirsty!! Hehe.

Peace, and maybe I'll see ya at TanTarA!



Hewwo. :)

I'm going to William Jewell College next year, in Liberty, MO. I'm still doing Music Ed, but I'm tacking on either a Japanese minor or a self-designed major combining International Relations and Japanese. I'm still playing horn of course. :) We had our last marching band competition Saturday (1st in prelims, 4th in finals). That was about our best rating ever on this show. We thought we did better at KU, but apparently the judges didn't think so. *shrug* I wish I could go to Northwestern but the price is just way too much. If I don't get the money for (basically) a full ride at WJC it's KU for me. WJC doesn't have a marching band, but I'm hoping to try for either Phantom Regiment or Colts summer after my freshman year of college (definitely can't afford it this summer, and especially since my Japanese class is trying to get together a trip to Japan!!!). Seniordom is great - finally not in a million classes I hate. Next semester I'll just have band and Japanese and government...taking 3 hours out to do Statistics at JCCC, very nice. :) Pit orchestra/the musical this year (Annie Get Your Gun) is in full panic mode since the show is next Th-Sat. I'm still with Bryan, almost 9 months now, and we're still pathetic and crazy for each other. :) I guess that's about the cliffs notes of my life recently. I'll try to catch you on AIM sometime - my new AIM name is Absolution05 if you didn't know. :)

Re: :D

:D :D :D

good to hear from you :)

I have friends who call Liberty home. Perhaps will swing by and see you sometime ... :D

PR or Colts?? - what an awful decision to try to make. Good luck with that. ;)

From the abyss

All right, I've been pretty much AWOL this semester working on my $#)*(@&#$*# honors project, but--you've remained my dearest friend from home, and your devotion to personal and spiritual growth is inspiring. See you some dark and storrmy night.

Re: From the abyss

::turns to sap::


Provided the computer gets over its demonic posession :P