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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I was excited for how nippy it is outside and sleeping with my big fat comforter, but I forgot that Holt is just not drafty like HP is with the windows that effectively eliminate any stored-warmth advantage the building might give you (ie, HP temp = temp outside + heat from radiator, whereas Holt temp = outside + radiator + whatever's stored in the walls.)

Managed to get slightly sunkissed at game today. Went dressed up as your mom (as in "Lucy, what are YOU dressed up as?" "Your MOM.") Was given a bennie by rhwainwright for making an apron out of a pillowcase and a strip of muslin. Was told that I did in fact look like people's moms. Wonder if have inadvertently prised the title of 'band mom' from Carla (which would be fine with me, because being bossy and naggy do not a mom make.) Was also told that I did a good job with nigh on half the section's sound missing. Am accepting comment at face value and not going looking for the backhanded implication that I might not have done it. In the end, was just doing my job.

Not aggravated anymore. Watched end of Monsters Inc with Thera & Anna, then collected Brooke and went to Shakeys. Haven't had Shakeys for (literally) years, and it. was. so. good. Visited Wal-Mart. Fell asleep in car on way home while sitting up very straight.

Lots of sleep shall ensue. I am excited. Clocks change tongiht. (You DST people! Clocks change tonight.)

Tomorrow perhaps will email Joe and Ben (my cousin). w00t.

Current Mood: yay!
Current Music: Laud we the name of God most holy (Bach)