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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Camp dreams two nights in a row.

Don't remember much of this one except someone had tiny little twins and was bottling up baby applesauce for them over a large trashbag as they slept, and Dave H. explained

And somebody's grandmotherly type figure

And two pieces of furniture in a room I dreamed I'd been in before, and the guy who was the butler but not really a butler was there with said grandmotherly type, who mentioned she did something surprisingly modern (kept a LJ or something. Yes, I think that was it, because I wanted to friend her - I liked her and knew her from previous dreams - or maybe she was someone I knew in RL - but then I'd have to go back and edit out all my swearing.)

One of the pieces of furniture was a big chunk of post boxes - about my height at the top down to about hip level, probaby ten feet long, and the whole thing was on legs. It had been refinished since I last saw it (it was in dire need of this) and was now a dark red and gold. V. pretty. At the bottom it had some long panels and some square panels, and the long panels said it was made, and the short square panels said "29" and "76" and a few years in between (they meant the boxes were made in 1829 and 1876, though how I knew this I am not certain.) The number panels were upside down.

The other piece was on (against) the wall 90 degrees to the right. It was roughly the same shape (a big box on legs) and size (only a little smaller) but it was a china cabinet. It had been redone too - last time I saw it I *think* it was raw wood, or it was so dirty I couldn't tell what color it was. The outside looked almost exactly as it always had, but the inside was all brilliant pastel colors, each face of a piece of wood a different shade. Lots of purple and pink and yellow I think. The china inside wasn't really china-like, but was a little thicker and green. It had always just been in a little stack in there and still was, but the cup and saucer on the very top in the very back on the left were shattered in small (fingerprint-sized) pieces, but were still holding together (albeit tenuously - it looked as if they were only affixed by the outer glaze or something.)

I spent a lot of time waiting to see if Colin would show up. I wondered if he'd remember me.

Lots of people talked about MUDs. CUTIE and SHUT (Shoguns of the Something) were mentioned.

My sensation immediately upon waking was that this dream was very much a different texture than last night's. I woke up thinking about the British Empire.