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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Was playing piano now and my mind was simultaneously perfectly focused and completely disjointed - as sometimes happens with piano practice. And I thought of what I used to play, and I thought of this, and it took me so by surprise I had to stop in the middle of the phrase and come write it down.

When I was a tiny little girl taking piano lessons with Jacquie, she taught me the very fundamentals - these are note names, and then these are the intervals, and then this is a minor triad, this is a major triad and this is a I-IV-V7-I progression (actually I learned that in my fingers before I learned it in my head, but ten years later when Doc said "This is a I-IV-V7-I progression" I accepted and understood it without question - and all its intricacies, once I practiced them. All of music - even the intellectual bits - are about practice.)

Anyway, when I was a tiny little girl, and ever since, when I look upon those days I think She had some really serious students. I was almost a nobody in that studio.

And maybe at that time I was, but how many of those older kids who (I thought) I could never hope to play as well as ended up majoring in music? How many of them *quit* lessons when they started college, rather than only just starting to really blossom then?

Did any of the rest of them turn out like me? I owe so much to her. But anyone in my situation would. She did her job, and she did it amazingly well.

I think of composition, of making charts to graph fifteen Hanson interval classes in a six-tone chord, of all that I have learned and done here, and I have this feeling that I have arrived.

That is dangerous. Hopefully my terror of the impending ... er, lifetime ... will keep me on my toes.

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Current Music: Primo - Czerny duet (echoing through building)

I think I could read your writing forever. Just on and on and on.

::turns crimson and mumbles::

Thanks. :)

i hope one day to put this skill (?) to some practical use....

seconded. Have said as much on my own journal.

you are too sweet :)

Owing very much to my bad knowledge of applied geography, and to the fact that for some reason I thought ND was on the *other* end of Indiana, I was briefly excited about the possiblity of going to Duke and perhaps nipping over sometime to go to a service.

However, I think it would be longer to nip from Duke to ND than from here. :P

That it would. Nip anyway, any time! :)

It may yet happen.

The plan I have hit on at the moment is to tour random music and religion grad schools, and whichever school I like the best is the degree I'll do [first].

So who knows where my wanderings may take me.

Wanderings are good--good time to wander ;) But you're always welcome here--I speak for the outfit, of course ;) :;coughs::