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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Please don't hit me, but: a-MEN.

Whenever I was tempted to try one, I remembered how appalled we all were at that godawful powder-blue thing Carla wore freshman year and quickly regained my senses. I would not have been able to take myself seriously. Probably ever again.


i love my poncho! its pink..and very cute...however, i do call it a shawl..and ir emember that too...man..i miss freshman year..i miss freshman year because i miss all of you kids!


I found the comment about 'security blankets are supposed to be comforting, clothes are not' a little on the harsh side... but then I guess I don't count as a 'mature non-sweatpants wearing adult' since sweatpants and loose leggings are part of my favorite "I don't have to go out today" attire...

the idea that my 'I have go go out today' clothes are less comforting I do see as a minus, not a plus.

*shrug* but everyone's mileage will vary :)

Re: *shrug*

Yeah, I think that could have been put a little better.

Only I can't figure out a way to do it while maintaining parallel structure. Security blankets are supposed to be comforting and clothing is not supposed to look like security blankets? I dunno.

I am definitely also not part of the non-sweatpants-wearing crew, but perhaps part of the point is that if you'd wear a poncho for fashion's sake, you probably consider yourself to be part of that crowd.

It is also completely possible that I am overanalyzing the issue...

Haha, well, I'm with you. Ponchos are -everywhere- and I have not yet seen one that I found attractive enough to buy.

I don't know, on the issue of "security blankets are supposed to be comforting, clothes are not", I -kind- of agree. I like to have very definite "going out" clothes which shouldn't necessarily be uncomfortable, but shouldn't be designed with comfort as their main purpose. Whenever I get home, I immediately get into comfy clothes. It separates my day into focused time and relaxing time.

I like to have very definite "going out" clothes

I like to have very definite clothes of all sorts. I have marching clothes and running clothes and going-out-to-Flat-Branch-for-someone's-birthday clothes and going-to-Columbia-to-hang-with-Newman-crowd clothes and goin'-to-meetin' clothes and it's-monday clothes and it's-been-a-long-day clothes.

Just today I got to wear change-the-oil clothes. That was fun.

As a person who would like to wear her electric blanket out in public, I can definitely understand the appeal of the poncho. I have, however, also heard about how unwieldy they are. Also, to wear one now would make one a Giant Poseur. Now, a year ago, it would have been different. So until electric blanket togas come into style, I guess I'll be wearing regular sweaters....


Quite aside from unwieldy, they just look dumb. Which is (hypothetically) the antithesis of fashion.

I think an electric blanket toga's purpose would not be to be stylish.