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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I prayed that God would make me wise.
To put His words in my mouth and in my heart.
Not so I could be a king like Solomon
but just so I could be that much more
a spokesman for Him.
So I could be that much closer
And point to others how to get that much closer.

And God had granted me all things:
peace and plenty, companionship,
the joy of His company,
and the blessing of His work.
I asked this one thing
not for me, I thought, but
He had so richly blessed me.
I wished to share of myself.

And God took from me these things.
Restlessness and famine, isolation,
and an unanswered plea:
Where are you?
What am I to do?
What have I done wrong?
I have no more to give!

And I said Why, God? Why?

And God was silent.

And I crumbled from inside to out.

And in through the cracks, over the dust, among the fragments
and into the crannies that were never there before poured
compassion and hope,
joy and peace,
faith and love.

And now I know again
God answers prayers
and He is so good
that he makes room in us
to pour in His blessings.




Have you ever read His Dark Materials?

The Dust is everywhere tonight.

Re: <3!

Nope. I just liked it. :)

Re: <3!


The Dust was an external metaphor (related more to my mentality while writing and not so much to the poem itself)

"And I crumbled from inside to out.": such a powerful line--love the way you use it too; you crumble in order to be filled again.


It's a camp poem. I sort of knew where I was going but I didn't know exactly how it was going to end until I got there.