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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Have just inadvertently discovered the joys of creative layering! Am feeling whole new worlds of outfit design opening up before my eyes!! Possibilities for color combinations increasing exponentially!! Things becoming wearable that I thought would never be wearable together!!!

Current Mood: elated

Hahahahaha... That entry really cracked me up!


I think that layering may become my poor-girl's substitution for actual new fall clothes. Today's outfit revolved entirely around my AWESOME SOCKS from the_bolter. I put on a $3 blue tank top from Wal-Mart and looked in my closet in the hopes of finding something to wear that didn't have as many spots on it as my hoodie and found a fuzzy black sweater from two years ago. As did many clothes from two years ago, this one had the outmoding element of thoroughly useless strings to tie it at the neck, so I just shoved them down inside and turned it into a wide v-neck, with the blue straps at the top and a bit sticking out at the bottom. Hey presto - "new" top.

Lo, for I r00lz0rz.

I have 2Shy stuck in my head.

First of all ::grins::--I'm glad you like them!!

Secondly, I too have discovered the joys of layering. I mean, HOT DAMN. Why didn't we think of this before? It's made my old sweaters wearable again.

Thirdly, JOIN THE FACEBOOK. thefacebook.com. I, um, enjoy wasting time with that malarkey.

Re: I have 2Shy stuck in my head.

Lo, you speak to me and yet you are not on the buddylist...

By which I take it to mean that there is still internet tomfoolery in your neck of the woods. Woe is me.

I shall go visit thefacebook at some point in the near future.

rhwainwright wants socks now too. :/