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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
The concert I just heard

Presented by The President's Own US Marine Band

Sousa: Sesquicentennial Exposition (trivia: Sousa is the same age as Central.)
Kenneth Hesketh: Masque
Tchaikovsky: Finale from Violin Concerto in D, Op. 35 (Jihoon Chang, clarinet)
John Williams: The Tale of Viktor Navorsky from The Terminal (Chang)
Sousa: "In the Land of the Golden Fleece" from Tales of a Traveler
Alberto Ginastera: Dances from Estancia, op. 8a: Los trabajadores agricolas, Danza del trigo, Los peones de hacienda, Danza final (Malambo)
Sousa: Semper Fidelis

Cichy: Divertimento for Winds and Percussion: Exaltation, Follies, Remembrance, Salutation
arr. Stephen Bulla: Irish Songs: Irish Lullaby, Clancy Low'red the Boom, Last Rose of Summer, Rakes of Mallow, Macnamara's Band (Kevin Bennear, baritone)
Mystery arranger: Oh Danny Boy (Bennear)
Williams: Hymn to the Fallen from Saving Private Ryan
Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever
arr Thomas Knox: A Salute to the Armed Forces of the United States of America

::sleeps happily::