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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
A puzzle (or, Not what I should be doing)

Two year and six month graphs comparing traffic to Wikipedia and Livejournal. (I don't actually know much about Wikipedia, but I'm too preoccupied to go searching around Alexa trying to figure out how to make an LJ-only graph.)

Why did this happen this way?

The enormous spike in LJ traffic in September looks to have coincided with 9/11. However, it's sort of weird that nothing that drastic happened any 9/11 prior, and that nothing at ALL appears in late 2003 when invite codes were revoked.

::goes to dig through old news files and check lj stats page::

Though I don't think I've seen much on the stats page that would be very useful.

I *did* notice the other day that there has been an explosion of accounts created lately - probably close to .75 million in the last month or so.

I'd really like to see some sort of plot of date of LJ account creation versus account activity - both in terms of density and frequency. Stats says only 259,125 (out of 4,775,650 total) accounts have been updated in the past 24 hours. I wonder how many of those are in, say, the most recent million, versus in the first 150,000.

Trivia from the Stats page, probably a lot of wrong conclusions, and all outdated in the time it takes me to type it:
1,307 accounts are neither paid, permanent, free, or early-adopter. The sum of paid, permanent, free, and early-adopter accounts plus the 1,307 unclassified accounts is 11,391 more accounts than (according to the statistics) currently exist (which, I suppose, explains how the total percent of accounts given on the main stats page adds up to 100.2% - I was just going to blame rounding.)

1 account is neither male, female, or unspecified. The sum of male, female, and unspecified accounts is 676,499 less than the sum of accounts (I wonder if those are communities?)

DDR is on the Top Interests list but Dance Dance Revolution is not. Faeries are, but fairies are not. 104,001 users are interested in guys. 46,149 are interested in God. 24,100 are interested in honesty. Music appears to be far and away the most popular interest with 810,661 interested (I don't think any others even broke 200,000.)

There is 1 account from Tochigi Prefecture (where on earth is that??)

Assuming every paid user pays by the year, LJ will make $2.22 million this year.
If every paid user pays by the month, they will make $444,225 per month, or $5.33 million if the current number of paid users continues to buy at the monthly rate for 12 months.

I'm still gonna get a paid account one of these days, but I feel significantly less pressed to do so now. In the really-early days of paid accts I was v. gung-ho about it. ::proudly waves banner that says "I'm user 118884 and have been around since before anyone had heard of invite codes!"::.

My LJ is older than 97.6% of accounts.

I've said it before, and I will probably say it again: brad for President in 2008. Look, he even uses Firefox.

A completely dodgy political platform I know, but at least he exhibits signs of common sense.

I'm also hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for the fun toys of computer science to become as sexy as James Bond's gadgets. ::Looks pointedly at rhwainwright::, should you ever get tired of wielding that sword and be up for a new mission...

This post has taken nigh on two hours start-to-finish. I should probably quit.

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