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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

A quiet morning. Thoroughly nice.

Think I may go do transposition for Dr. Hamel presently (soon as I figure out what I'm wearing, and possibly nuke this tea, as I absentmindedly let it steep the whole while I was in the shower and am now drinking it anyway.)

Had a dream about playing semi-life-size NetHack with gads and several other people (I'm not entirely sure who, though I think Erin F. may have been there, as well as code65536). Level 99 was simply called "Slide". Thera went first - she ran towards the map and jumped into it and - whee! - slid through many interwinding chutes to get to the staircase. The next level was not 100, but it was a rather labyrinthine undertaking - lots of odd trap doors and levers to pull and stuff. We ended up just making a break from the staircase to the elevator and deciding to forget the level. The *next* level had a computer lab in a corner of it (it looked sort of like a school), but there was a big exhaust fan where the door should be, and I couldn't figure out how to get in.

Totally random!