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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Do I so much enjoy finding or creating categories so that I can make sure that I do not myself fit into any of them?

In Other News,
I really really like making things with my hands. Including happy back muscles. Especially for the truly appreciative. :)

And we all like helping other people to ROCK!.

Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Current Music: disjunct

Is it possible to define yourself without an Other?

Okay, I finally have the perfect sock envelope, but I couldn't find your address, again. Have I mentioned that I am scatterbrained? Also, while I'm sending this to you, are there any CDs I could burn for you?

::creeps back into the shadows::

Also, currently, four of us are sharing 2 internet connection ports. Hopefully this situation will be remedied and I will return in all my glory.

Having just come from a conversation with Mister Desperado, I was briefly confused as to why you thought I needed an Other (ie., a significant other) to define myself. And then I thought you were making some sort of reference to 'In Other News' while retaining the SO connotation. And *then* I was completely confused.

And THEN I went back and read what I had said, and things slid into focus. I think part of the current quarterlife crisis is trying to be undefinable - to present a "but I'm not ___" to every "You are ___".

It's really rather fun.

My addy.
232 Holt
Central Methodist University (woo woo)
Fayette, MO 65248

I too am scatterbrained of late. It would seem I have decided to skip the 'professor' stage in my attempts to become an absentminded professor.

I do not know of any CD's I am particularly yearning for at the moment. Unless there's any Brothers Finn laying around, for I have recently dl'd Won't Give In, and am completely in love with it as it sounds very much like mellow Byrds or something. And I just really like the song.

I too hope that soon you may be deshadowed on a more permanent basis. I've missed your scathing psychoanalyses ;)

Joy's engaged? ::faints::

No Brothers Finn. So I'll send along Britney's latest instead. Just kidding. Maybe.

I enjoyed your e-mail to TTW. Are you sure you're not going to be a writer? ::coughs:: MFA in creative writing?

I will try to mail socks today.

That's what I said! (and then completely forgot to congratulate her in email. ::is a moron::)

I hope you're kidding. ::looks green about the gills:: Does she even *have* a latest lately?

Glad you liked it. Upon rereading in the cold (?) light of morning I thought it was rather horrendously disjunct.

Wonder if they offer CW MFA's at Pitt. Would give me an excuse to go to Pittsburgh anyway. Dr. Nutter got through some part of his academia there (I don't remember which part). Would you knit me a blue and yellow scarf? (kidding. Maybe...)

Eagerly looking forward to socks. :D

Also ... did we not, though, many years hence, agree that she *would* be the first of us to get married?

Signed, sealed and delivered.

Mission accomplished: socks mailed today. I do believe they should arrive by Tuesday. They are, I am pretty sure, machine washable; I believe I forgot to note that.

I had forgotten about our prediction--I believe you are right. Lord almighty, please let him be a good guy, because we both know she'd never divorce him if he wasn't. I am absurdly pleased at the thought of seeing Joy in a wedding dress, though.

Re: Signed, sealed and delivered.

Am glad about machine washing, as I often think about certain articles of clothing "I should handwash this" and never do.

I'm sure he is. Joy is a smart girl - she wouldn't have taken up with him to begin with if he *wasn't* a good guy.

Oddly, the dress was nigh on the first thing that came to my mind, too. :D

Tangentially, this reminds me that Matt B. (from camp) is getting married (AT CAMP. next summer.) I am supahexcited.