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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I really oughta dress up more often. I feel cute :D

Wore my swing Easter dress with tulle petticoat, black headband, flower shoes, and pin for oboe recital. And I even put on mascara. But not foundation! My complexion has finally cleared up enough that I can not wear foundation and not look stupid! This is cause for singing and dancing, as this has never happened before, and furthermore because I always thought foundation looked rather silly on me, as I have a lot of blush and freckles and it becomes quite obvious that I am wearing facepaint. :P

And now, after much sitting around and putting things on Sibelius, have returned to my room to put on pyjamas. I think few things in the world feel as good as putting on pyjamas and washing your face after being dressed up. And having a glass of choice beverage (in this case, milk or orange juice. I haven't decided yet.)

I looked at my pin this evening and thought about how far I've come since I was a freshman - it's been a long, strange, and unbelievably rapid trip. About this time two years ago I was walking across the quad - everything was burnished gold in the autumn sunlight, and I thought This will all be over before I know it. And now it nearly is. This is - for the time being, at least - the last season I will see the quad in that autumn sunlight. And that will be followed by the last winter I stomp around campus in my gray coat in the freezing cold, and that in turn will be followed by the last sigh of relief that spring has finally come and we can sit on the Con steps again. And just when I was finally getting used to it, too. I don't think I've ever really known, as an adult, what it was to fall into a long rhythm. I sort of like it. It's nice to come home to.

I think I've become the person I wanted to be at this time, more or less. I think I'm knowledgeable but approachable. I think people like to be around me. I think I represent myself and the things I stand for well.
Perhaps I haven't always got it together as much as I think I should; perhaps I am still too shy and often too blunt. I am still extremely single, and have yet to divine some lesson from that. I am nowhere near good physical shape.
But I think I am someone I would aspire in some way to be like, if I were a freshman again. I hope I am.

And I hope I can remember that on those days when it seems like I can't do anything right.

Orange juice it shall be, methinks - and then anon, to bed.

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