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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

What was I going to post about?

I want very much to stay up all night and write about Gillis. We talked about it briefly at the Bobber tonight... and it's so, so very weird that I found a home that I miss very much that has only ever existed inside my head (and perhaps briefly inside the_bolter's head). I stared off into the middle distance and wondered what Benjamin and Shawna were doing, and I realized that I wasn't aggravated to discover that they aren't real, but I was aggravated to discover that I had to tell them what they were doing - and I hate telling people what to do. And I realized we are them, as we have always been, even before I knew who I would be now.

And I realized I had learned since then that it isn't our stories that unify us, but that we understand each other's stories when they are told, and recognize their truth.

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I do miss Gillis--I think it's still in you to write it. I wonder how the story would be different now, if it would be.

I might go a step farther and say it is our ability to tell stories that unifies us, even if we can never really understand what other people are saying.

Maybe it's because we are our stories - the ones we write (/do) define us from within, and the ones we touch define us from without.

::/philosophical wax::

Totally ironic that I stumbled upon this just a few days after I mused about that again.

When on earth did I write that? I've been posting on a grad school board under this name.

Er, a really long time ago. Like early your senior year.