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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Also, I love Real Simple, but I don't care what they say: I will never, ever, ever wear cigarette pants.

Mostly because seriously, who under 50 wears them? And who wants to advertise that they're 50 by wearing pants that scream ... all the things that cigarette pants scream?

I'm glad I know what they are, at least, so I can avoid them.

::sigh:: Watch them be the hot fashion trend of 2005. Urgh.

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I think cigarette pants are HOTT on people who have the bodies to wear them. It takes a very narrow frame to pull those off correctly. I myself will never be able to wear them.

Perhaps I have never seen such a person.

RS also said that slim-fitting pants are better for people with large frames than baggy, shapeless pants. Yes, because that way there will be absolutely NO DOUBT in ANYONE'S MIND just how wide your rump is. There is a happy medium, but I think it is elsewhere.

I also should probably point out my extreme aversion to anything with a tapering leg.

Maybe you're confusing "slim" with "trim" -- nothing makes a big person look even bigger than clothes that make them look like an amorphous blob.

I guess it's just best to find the pair of pants that accentuates your good parts. If you find something that draws attention to where the hotness is, there's no reason to try to cover up the not-so-hotness.

He wondered what exactly a pair of "cigarette pants" looked like. He conceded he was unsure yesterday if bar...burr...that b-word...was a fabric or a color, and his lack of knowledge could conceivably spread to fashion.

But then, if his wardrobe was an indication, he wasn't up on current trends.

Burberry is a designer label. 'Burberry' also refers to Burberry's trademark plaid, which is a houndstooth weave and either beige or gray with black, white, and red stripes.

I think that cigarette pants are form-fitting pants that are too short to be actual pants, but too long to be capris. On me, it would look like I had forgotten and accidentally shopped in the section of the store where normal (ie not tall) people shop. However, whilst trying to find an illustration, it has become patently obvious that I really have no idea what cigarette pants are, and perhaps my disgust would have been better directed simply at the ones in Real Simple.