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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
cool. NOT.

So I somehow ended up with no dinner - probably because Sami decided that a pretzel would be adequate food in case no dinner was served at her bowling party (though it turned out that they got pizza.) I had a pretzel too, but that was it. I went with Mom to pick her up afterwards and we went to WM for milk and some other things and Mom made noises like she was going to perhaps buy Drumsticks, and also hot dogs that I could eat some of by way of Real Food.

An hour later we were only just escaping WM with neither hot dogs nor Drumsticks. Mom pointed out that I could eat the french bread pizza in the garage fridge but then it wasn't there (evidently Dad ate it week before last when everyone else was still in Pgh.)

So I made Ovaltine with the rest of the old gallon of milk and two cheesebreads. And I went downstairs with my Ovaltine and cheesebreads, and Dad was like "Wha'd'ja bring me?" And I said, slightly edgily, "I'm going to have dinner." And I sat down. Awkward silence of about 30 seconds. Mom turns around and says "We do also have cottage cheese, if you want some." And I said "I may partake." And now we are ignoring each other again.

So first I was a jerk for getting all hung up about no hot dogs or Drumsticks. And then I was a jerk for fussing about there not being any french-bread pizza left. And *now* I feel like a jerk for not acting like it's no big deal that I came home from college so I could actually eat real food, and I'm not getting to. rhwainwright certainly could have told me that it is rash to expect one's family to feed one.

I guess some psychoses can come in handy

Both my mom and I get very edgy if the pantry/fridge combo is even close to bare. Freaks us out the times we've visited my sister and she had this tiny little pantry and barely anything in the fridge (she went out to eat a lot I guess)

At one point I was living with a guy who didn't like to go shopping until every last thing in the house that he recognized as edible was gone. (And I didn't know how to drive so I couldn't just go myself... that entire time period was a learning experience, you might say) One of the things I started doing was make a point of investing in some long-term storable food that he didn't like to eat so that he'd look around and decide he was finally willing to give me a ride to the store while there was still enough 'cushion' of food I was perfectly willing to eat to make me comfortable.

But then.... my mom, my sister and I all tend to get _really_ cranky when we're hungry.... so... it's just become ingrained instinct for my mom and I to ensure the people around us get food in them every few hours.

Bleah, I'm sorry your weekend home was so disappointing :(

Re: I guess some psychoses can come in handy

Sunday more than made up for it. Will post soon.

I'm actually building up a stock of Real Food in my dorm room this year. This makes me very happy: I've only been to the dining hall three times in the past week. :D And even if I were to run out of room-food, there *is* always the dining hall (gross as it may be).

Dorm food

I wholeheartedly support the Real Food plan. I wish we didn't have to buy the meal plan at school 'cause I think I wouldn't mind making all my meals. Althought my apt is rather far away from where I'll have class. I'm looking forward to cooking. What's your room like this year?

Re: Dorm food

Square and ugly. I am living in Holt (aka the psych ward) again, as I find I prefer that to living in HP with nobody I know.

However, I am on short wing with Thera, Amber, and Kristin. We have a couch in the hall. :) And the kitchenette is not too far away. *And* Erin (Cassie's roomate) has a ridiculous array of kitchen accoutrements (eg a blender) which I may ask if I can use...

Re: Dorm food

Sorry about the square and ugly, mate; our apartment is basically three square and ugly rooms covered with mold. Nevertheless, it is home. I have to go meet a professor to talk about my honors project in twenty minutes and I'm nervous. Also, people keep reading over my shoulder whilst I write journal entries--hence the abbreviated entry yesterday.