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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
nothing I haven't said

Lunch was fine. I like trifle.

Amber and Thoren came to Grace today. Rad times.

Went to T. Daniel's reception this evening. Chocolate cake, marble cake, and two punchbowls: one of banana-pineapple punch, and one of mocha milkshakes. I kid you not. ::twitches in memory::

Oh, and of course I became an emotional crapheap. I was going to talk about that (hence 'nothing I haven't said) but it is not really real enough to me ATM to say anything coherent.

Bought some really cute fabric today to make skirts from. Hopefully they don't suck. The skirts, that is. Saw like 8 other cute fabrics from which I also yearn to make skirts. We will see, I guess.

Am about to finish The Amber Spyglass (book 3 of the His Dark Materials trilogy - Philip Pullman.) I've still got about 100 pages left and I am *glad*. Subtle Knife read *far* too quickly, but I managed to make TAS last almost two days. It is not, I find, a book I cannot put down in the way that I couldn't put down PoA or Ender's Game. But I do not think I could really be happy with myself to spend very long not knowing what happens. It is a singularly masterful work - one that I'm sure will require some rereads to fully appreciate.

But now the day has been long and I am tired, so I think I will go lay in bed to finish reading.

Or maybe I'll have some Grape Nuts first. Grape Nuts are teh r00le.