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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Thoughts on Transtemporal Divinity; Thoughts on Imitiation


Supertemporal: implies trancendence of time. See 'extratemporal' (as I wrote that definition first.) Above time? One cannot be said to be above something to which superlatives or even rankings cannot be said to apply.

Extratemporal: implies that time is something one can be outside of. About as ridiculous as saying that one can be outside of space (nods to Einstein.) If you can be outside of space you can be outside of time, but I don't think God *is* outside of space or time - I think God is in all of them. Time is not a limitation or a measurement - it's a place that has measurable dimensions just as the galaxy has measureable dimensions.

Hypertemporal: implies in the end that time is linear. Too limiting to be accurate. A line is a theory. Time is not a theory.

Transtemporal: implies (to me at least) that God is occupying all times. Further implies that all times are extant together (it seems silly to say 'simultaneously' in this context.) Thus, I like 'transtemporal'.


I am pretending to be a great thinker (viz 'Act as if until'.) Almost everything is learned by imitation. It seems perhaps a bit affected to title some entries as this one is titled, but I find it marshals my thoughts into a better order than they might otherwise occupy.