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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
wild times in columbia

Headed to Col. after SAI festivities this afternoon - needed to go to lib to find Ugarit articles, but also to take back Thera's books. Somehow failed to express this to Liz, who insisted we go to Ellis. Which was fine - they had all my articles fulltext so I even didn't have to pay to copy them - but made returning books a bit of a trick.

Went to a goofily early dinner (about 4:30) at Coliseum. Had some RAD shrimp pasta stuff and a Boysenberry Thing (that's the technical term.) Bopped around for a bit. Tried to find big seesaws at Cosmo Park but did not manage it (did play a while at the big playground and managed to waste quite a lot of time.) Stopped by Something Something with the Something Corner - that was cool. :D Ended up at Adkgladsgdjlg, this bar/coffee bar/restauraunt/live entertainment venue (it's in the basement of the same building as the UMC District Offices if that helps anyone.) Had BLACKBERRY AND JASMINE ICED TEA and it was AWESOME. oooooooh. Liz saw Jenny and told her we were doing Something later.

Decided to go bowling - took John home (John? - i *think* his name was John) and on the way also saw Gonza (sp?) - Liz yelled out the window and asked if she wanted to go bowling and she did and Liz was like "Hop in!" And she did. I have no idea where she was trying to get, but ... ::shrug::. Stopped by in Liz's room - met her roomie Sandra (...i think?) who is from somewhere far away. Stopped by an ATM on the way to bowling - finally made it and met Jenny there. Only did one game before they closed down open bowl for Cosmic Bowling (whoop-de-woo). They played Bye Bye Bye and I had a huge flashback to high school and did my first (and only) first-ball gutterball of the evening. :P

We all opted to retire to Jenny's apt. for movie-watching. Went back by Liz's for some reason that escapes me - to get movies and her knitting (which she didn't end up doing.) I mused briefly on why on EARTH I opted to spend my college days in not a college town. >:/ Went to apt., decided we wanted drinkies, went to this little hole-in-the-wall liquor store where amaretto is a little cheap and everything else (I thought) was rather painfully expensive. (But I did notice they had bitters - I was beginning to doubt they existed.) We watched Two Weeks' Notice and I was extraordinarily reminded of Ethan. Hmm. And I drank an orange Twisted (which I wasn't terribly taken with) and a Mixed Berry B&J (the old standby.) Yay for girly drinks. ;) And then we watched some of Good Will Hunting. And then I went home.

I thought all day it was Sunday because I got up early in the morning, put on fancy clothes, and went and sat in church. Then I had lunch and then there was a reception. Totally sounds like Sunday to me. But no, in about 6 hours my alarm will go off and I will have to do Sunday for *real*. Damn & blast.

Oh. And SAI HAS 10!! And that's all over, and thank goodness, and it was great times. The new 10 actually get to have a meeting before the end of the year! What the crap. ;)

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