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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Ash Wednesday.

I really like the pastor at St. Mary's. He says good stuff. EG: Tonight he talked about dust. And while I can't remember what he said, I can tell you that it made me think of the following: It says that we are made of dust, right? And household dust is something like 75% dead cells. So it's right both spiritually and scientifically.

Until this very night, I had no idea that there were such wildly divergent views on Ash Wednesday. Cailin, for instance, had not until this very night been to an Ash Wednesday service. But she came to the one at Linn (rather spur-of-the-moment too) with Nick. Most of my school-family (the churchgoing contingent, at least - which is most of them) crammed into the first two rows, and it was just a good thing. There were so many people sitting in my pew that we were all elbow to elbow. It was very cozy and comforting, especially after St. Mary's, which is rather disconcerting (though well worthwhile) - it was a bit like coming home at the end of semester. I spent most of the service scrawling on the back of the bulletin in foreign tongues (French and Latin.) I wrote bits of the Mass (because that's pretty much all the Latin I know) and an expansion on this wee poemlet that I wrote in French once. For those of you who are curious - this is what I wrote. I beg pardon for iffy Latin spelling (and grammar - it was invented as I went along.) Also pardon my lack of knowledge of sacred language in French. And finally pardon my utter lack of eloquence. I was pretty much just rambling.

Libera me, Deo. Dona mea pacem.
Agnus dei, qui tollit peccatta mundi, dona mea requiem.
Regnem angelorum, lux perpetua luceat anima mea.

Free me, God. Grant me peace.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant me rest.
King of angels, with light eternal light my spirit.

Cindres a cindres; poussiere a poussiere.
Comme ci nous donnons ce corps a votre Terre.
C'ecorce que nous rendons n'apparenait jamais a personne que vous; nous vous remercions pour ce que vous nous avons donne en ce morceau de boue, consacree par votre nom. Et puis nous vous en relache, en toute humilite.
Kyrie eleison.
Et l'esprit n'est jamais le notre, non plus. Nous prions votre (forgiveness) pour l'avouir appele le notre. Ce que nous pouvons tenir n'est que l'ephemerale, come notre vie sur ce monde. Mais ce que vous tenez est eternelle, comme la Vie que vous nous en donne.
Christe eleison.

Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.
So we give this body to your Earth.
This shell we return never belonged to any but You; we thank you for what you have given us in this bit of mud, consecrated in your name. And so, in humility, we release it to you.
Lord, have mercy.
Nor is the spirit ever ours. We pray your forgiveness for having called it our own. That which we can hold is but the ephemeral, as our life on this earth. But what you hold is eternal, as the life that you have given us.
Christ, have mercy.

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