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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

"That was kind of fun" (that=wild intellectual outbursts, involving musical performances) but it hasn't motivated me to change - to work.

I still just want to move to Pittsburgh and get a job as a waitress. ASAP.



All I can think of about waitressing is tired feet.

Rufus is a fishy head

Rufus is a fishy head
All she wants is to lie in bed
And bitch about a waitress job
that will from her her beauty rob.

Rufus could laugh and be merry
enjoy horns and boys and cherries;
She chooses to dabble in darker pervues.
Working a diner is painful shoes.

If I had a friend like her, and I do,
No love or faith from her I would eschew.
I'd kiss her feet when she's cranky
And tell her when likes someone skanky.

But for all my feats, her I'd only hope to equal;
My bete-tete de poisson is once-in-a-lifetime, no sequel.

a fishy-head sonnet-ish


you are crazy and I <3 you for this and many other reasons.

in defense of waitressing, the last time i was in Pgh the Turn-of-the-Century Diner was hiring. so though my shoes would indubitably be painful, my other clothes at least would rock. though totc is probably not hiring any more as this happened on new years' day. at least i hope they're not. depressing for them.