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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Quarter past three. Half-package of Ramen with less seasoning than it was sposed to have 'cause I couldn't find the half-seasoning packet so I broke into another package and filched about a third of it.
First thing I've eaten/drank all day - no tea, no water, nothing.

God it was good. ::slurps dregs::

Now to finally get round to my morning tea (at 3:35 p) and go to band.

I feel so much better.

Music history paper done. Shit, forgot to take sources over. Crappety mcCrapsalot.
Oh well, I'll tell him I forgot. 'Cos I did.

Scholarship 1 done. Apparently they only had a handful of applicants until the beginning of this week, and then they were deluged. Darn. But there are 2 more due mid-June that I can shoot for too.

I might get paid in just over a week (4/8). That would rock. Or I might get paid in closer to two weeks (4/12). That would be okay, I guess. (it would also be emaline_412's birthday! send her messages of pink happiness.)

Current Mood: urg
Current Music: Death, be not Proud (not music - in head anyway)