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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

K, so, I'm a nerd, but:

I have just discovered Alt+Tab.

And am now the proud owner of an extra few pixels on the left side of my screen formerly occupied by the taskbar.

I also finally took the initiative to learn how to change the stuff in the Quick Launch section.

...Actually, if I could truly claim the title of 'nerd', I would have known all this already. ::embarrassed::


Eep! What would my life be like w/o Alt+Tab?

Emm... a dark and frightening place? ;)

"just"? Back in the olden days, when there was no task bar and the graphical interface of Windows 3.0 was poor, alt-tab was essential. Especially when running the many DOS programs that still existed back then... yep, me and my alt-tab... we had many good times together.

But I will admit that I actually haven't used alt-tab much, now that I think of it. Couldn't live without it back in the days of Win 3.0 and 3.11, but ever since this whole task bar thing came along, I think it fell out of habit... actually, yea, now that think about it, I almost *never* use alt-tab in XP (except when I'm in some full-screen program like a game). Funny how habits change over time... (and for other ppl like you, how new habits form ;) )

Every year I use my mouse less, actually, so my alt-tabbage has probably gone up.

But for task-switching the mouse is so much faster. Finding the right window with a mouse is an operation that runs on O(1) time whereas using alt-tab, it's a O(n) operation. :) Okay, that was a really nerdy explanation. But seriously, with the number of windows I have open, alt-tab is just way too friggin' slow.

Overall, though, I've been using more keyboard shortcuts. Windows-R is used not only to run programs, but to also open folders in explorer (with the help of some auto-complete) instead of clicking everywhere. This shortcut I use copiously.

My math/other thing skills are embarrasingly rusty at the moment, but if by that you mean that mousing is a one-click operation, whereas alt-tabbing is a multiclick operation depending on how many windows you have open - that's true, but it doesn't take into account the amount of time it takes to move your hand to the mouse, find the button on the taskbar, move the mouse, and move your hand back versus the amount of time it takes to click "alt tab" for the window you were just in or "alt tab tab" for two windows ago... etc. Alt-tab is still a little slower for me anyway because I'm not used to it yet, but in time, that will become less of a factor. (I should probably also point out that these arguments are based my 640x480 laptop monitor - almost everything is maximized, or nearly so, so I do have to use the taskbar rather than just clicking the other window.)

Also, now that every program I use has containers/tabs/something, I don't have nearly as many windows as I used to.

Yeah. I only ever really used Win 3.x to run Juno on our handy dandy new 386er. DOS was where WordPerfect, DnD, Mars Attacks, and Temple of the Pharaoh (or something) were.

Oh, and MATH RESCUE! That game was (is) the jam.

Small wonder I persisted in using our Mac LC 40 well into high school, when Dad finally sprung for the new (then) Pentium laptop that is my current dormroom computer - and about which I so love to complain.

It's a good thing I don't mind not having my own shiny new stuff. How would I ever explain to my folks? ... :p

Alt-Tabbing for the masses

Isn't it wonderful making a discovery like that?

Maybe I should start some kind of leaflet campaign, something to the tune of "END ALT-TAB IGNORANCE NOW!" that sort of beast.