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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
I read once that people go through another phase of brain growth in their early 20s.

which sounds a little scary, because eventually your brain stops growing. but then i remember that not growing doesn't mean shrinking, and if it's just started, who knows what's next?

tonight i wore:

my easter dress from ... 7 years ago I think (I think it was freshman year HS) - black with big white flowers and green leaves scattered over.
my black buttonup shirt that I never button
my $4.50 black sandals from Wal-Mart that give me little sores but are generally v. comfy
black headband
half-moon spectacles

So perhaps what's next is frumpy absentmindedprofessorness - completely effortless thrown-together outfit (well, I did iron the dress.)
But I think more people said I looked nice tonight than all the rest of the year combined.

(Not counting people who said they like my cobblestone skirt - because that's completely different.)

I must be tired - only practiced 45 minutes and it felt like *forever*. V. weird. Am beginning to run into a wall with the amount my accuracy improves and how good my technique is - I mean, accuracy is more of a head thing, and that isn't what's impeding my progress, it's that my muscles simply aren't limber/strong enough to do some of the things I want them to do.

Dinner was really yummy tonight. Nice scrambled eggs with lots of season salt, biscuits and milk gravy, and... something else... some applesauce and five-cup salad I think.

I should probably do my schedule now. Urk.

So I do feel like a braggart, but y'know what? I'm good at something for once, and I think I have a reason to be proud. Maybe I'll inspire myself later in life. ;)

schedule edit (12:53a): Okay. So. Holy crap.

Thus quoth the catalog: I need 4 hours of music (yeah, all the hype about me being done with my music hours turned out to be a lie) and 6 hours of religion. I need CMC 311 (3 hours) and some kind of PE course (1 hour). I need to take computer competency (0 hours - considering the level of cybernetic ineptitude on this campus, competency can't possibly be all that demanding.) I may need to pick up another religion or philosophy (3 hours), but I probably don't (so long as music and photography are considered individual subject areas and aren't lumped together in 'fine arts'.)

Taking ensembles and lessons as overload... I could do that in one semester at only 19.75 hours. I don't want to and I'm not going to. (DO YOU HEAR THAT, SELF. NOT GOING TO.) But I could. I mean, I can't anyway - the courses overlap too much. (I think I'm gonna have to not take History of Early Christianity in favor of Comp. ::cries:: maybe he'll let me audit the half of the course i could attend?...)

Thus draws my undergraduate career to a close. It is a moment whose front edge I caught more than a year ago - I remember walking through the quad, in front of the library, one of those goldeny cool fall days, and being momentarily aware of the extreme brevity of this chapter of life, of how quickly it was tilting and whirling by - not as big as high school, not as many words, infinitely more important. I knew it was going to be over before I knew it, and it's not even close to over yet, and even so - it's so close to over, and I'll never be able to do it again. There's so much I won't miss and some I already do. And I really need to go to bed - I'm getting sappy.

Current Mood: Good.
Current Music: White Choral Bells according to Dru -- Stacey (in head)