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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Intellectual snobbery

Had a guy from KU come interview for impending position in religion dep't (Green's) - Dr. Eric Hmvmfjefgsomething. Did a test-lecture (30 minutes) on original sin - really quite interesting, and I both answered a question intelligently ("What is the problem with Augustine's view that sin is transmitted both directly and indirectly?" to which the answer was "The methods of transmission are mutually exclusive" - which he said was exactly what Kierkegaard said, so I got to feel quite clever) and asked a question intelligently ("Could you expound on the theory of biological transmission?" which he did - I wanted to ask if that related to Platonic dualism and other things I took notes on on the same line of paper, but I was afeard we would run quite out of time. And besides, then we'll have something to discuss if he gets the job.)

He explained that KU kicks their own doc students out after a little while, because otherwise the department becomes too intellectually inbred. Also would put new profs in a rather uncomfortable position of being on fac with many people who had demonstrated said new prof to be an idiot many times in class. Mentioned Yale Aristotelianism versus Emory Aristotelianism, which I need to learn more about.

Felt quite happy to be in a small department of a small school. At HSU (Huge State University) I probably wouldn't have had any contact with the hiring process at all - wouldn't even have known it was going on until well after the thing was over. It's fun to hear from new people, however briefly. :)

Phil of Rel kind of a waste of time today.

Archaeology - gleaned many bits of information pertinent to my site report. Go me!


Are you a Phil major?

nope, i'm music and religion - but religion and phil. do a heckuva lot of overlap here (at least a course or two per semester, and out of, say, 3 upper-level courses offered, 1 or 2 is a lot.)

- where's everyone getting these random userpic faces from? they are rad. :D

Ahhh! I see, and you're right about relig and phil. They're like sisters hehehe.

I can ask my friend the site where she made mine at!!! She made mine for me and I absolutely love it. Once I get the link, I'll send it to you!