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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
stuck in an elevator with myself.

I'm not sure whether I can post this just now. I really wanted to post and say Hey, I did the ballet tape, and again my muscles are warm and happy, and I can (much to my astonishment) touch my toes without even straining too much, and when I do split-leg hamstring stretches I can split probably to about 120 degrees rather than the paltry 100 or so I was doing cold that I thought was the best I could do atm at all.

I wanted to ask if anyone would actually be interested in reading the ridiculous amount of ... stuff ... my overactive-today brain generated (almost all of which is of a theological nature). If so - drop a line.

If I can post this, of course.

...Nope, I cannot. And the status page says it may be 30 hours till I can post again. ::cries:: Oh, the humanity.

And I seem to have learned to speedwalk over the weekend. My shins hurt from the velocity with which I have propelled myself across campus today.

And my butt's fallen asleep. 'Cos I'm sure you care.

Edit: Behold, for I am a moron, or perhaps status.livejournal.org had a typo - lj_maintenance says '30 minutes - 1 hour', not '30 hours'. Whew. Okay, let's try this again...

Nope, not yet. I want to play Avatar. Yet I don't. Perplexing.

12:30 A: I can hear Buckman snoring. Come to mention it, I have heard him snoring for a good while now - possibly an hour or more.

note to self: add ints 'ignoring the lines completely', 'transtemporal divinity'

::sigh:: It's beginning to look like 30 hours might be a better guess. :p

Current Mood: merble
Current Music: Mood Indigo (in head)