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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

oh, sloggety slog, my poor cold compy.

entertaining website o' the day: www.blues.org. ::nominates it for an award for Best Use of Voice in Website Text:: also go to the HoB subpage and register to go to the W. C. Handy awards. On second thought, don't, 'cos if you do, it's less likely that I'll win. ;D

i am fearsomely hungry for oatmeal. i wonder if i have any...

Muscles hurt that I didn't even know I had (notably transverse abs - right next to hip flexors. I can feel them stretching whenever I take a deep breath. now if only I could remember what I did to make them sore so i could do it some more. it didn't hurt too much at the time, but it is noticeable now.)

left dubuque 3:15 (therein, the miracle of having pit, battery, and hornline do dog and pony all together.) got back 10:30-ish, and that was with plethora unnecessarily long stops. if pressed i think it could probably be done in 6.5 hours. stopped at the P66 somewhere just north of cedar rapids and bought gas for 1.599 a gallon (i think) which was a good thing because i usually stop for gas in amana, but i forgot to stay on 151 through CF and decided "hey, 380 - that looks good" and thus missed amana entirely. i was rewarded with not only cheap gas but also a huge cup of tea, complete with half-and-half on tap. R00le! and i also (on a whim) stopped at the old navy outlet at the 149/I-80 junction (there wasn't much there I was wild about) and of course at Hy-Vee in K'ville for dinnery bits.

I had considered doing some of beethoven 6 tonight, but got home after the library closed thanks to a wild detour around salisbury - so i was going to just go to bed, but instead i went and practiced piano for like an hour - and then for no good reason i marched across campus, doing the best facsimile of what i think the technique is supposed to be that i can muster. it's hard on the muscles, but it'll be a hell of a lot easier to standardize than this knees crap we've been doing the past two years. i like it. :)

i am still pretty much completely innocent of the marching technique but it seems i am doing a lot better with the music than a lot of the rest of the mello 2s. i had amazing deathless chops yesterday but i woke up at 4 to visit the loo and it felt like i had inner tubes for lips. not terribly pleasant. took some hours to rid myself of them today. BUT i can play the 'hard lick' in Celebration (it's just a lot of twiddling between 12, 23, 2 and 0 - nothing heinous like 13s or 123s) and... crap for the line as a whole, but rah for me.
i was also doing rather better with form than i expected (by which i mean not breaking.)

had the annual subsec-in-the-guys'-locker-room. good times.

saw many many people that made me glad :) - in no particular order, hannah (i'm gonna reclaim the front front seat!), kat (marching bari this year as she is a HOSS), julie (happy birthday! yesterday), peaks, this new guy named Ryan who's a total hoot, amy (happy birthday! 6 minutes late - and congratulations on your legality ::TPs you from afar::), steve white, adam, kayla, gibby, beth, leann, jared, quality scratching-my-head time with kent, all the cymbals, becky and vanessa came back to tech, bill, AA, tim, alex (spinning weapons for cute tiny children who came with barry and guy whose name i just forgot [jim? bob? jeez. i suck.]) alex is doing guard this year - i'm glad for him; i'm glad he finally gets to do it. i'm sure he'll knock everyone's socks off. :D :D and of course TALL MATT BARITONE, my running/NOLA/Myrtle Beach/Jack Kerouac buddy, and recipient of the first orgasmic backrub of the 2004 season... >;D. i missed them all so much - *ev*eryone, even the ones i don't get along with terribly well - i just soaked them up for 38 hours and drove back here feeling all warm and happy and loved. :)

no jenny and jimmy (they were in texas or something) and no colin (rumor has it he's marching SCV!!! RAWK for him if that's true). no rudy (went out for cavvies, go him) and no scotty f. (wonder if he did too? i know he wanted to.) no leslie and she hasn't been seen since december so maybe just maybe she got cut... no skank (whew). less than a day of phil, to my relief. no colin f. no kuckelman. no beatty, though someone said that he is in fact marching. neither seth nor michelle; they used to be listed as staff, but someone said something to the effect of not having any brass staff back from longer than last year, and they're not on the site, so maybe they defected. (another rumor - scotty t. is staffing crusaders. there are many things i could say about that, but none of them are terribly charitable...)
Hey, no Fangman. Where the crap was he?
No returning bass drums (i think...). 5 returning cymbals, but one of them was Jake who didn't march last year, and I'm having a brain fart as to who was missing.

ANyway. i'm sure you care.

::peers in mirror:: I think I look better with fat lips.

Anyway. About that oatmeal.

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