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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
a lot of facts - a touch of frivolity

Oh, and I seem to have made some kind of peace with the fact that my sister's in effing HIGH SCHOOL. Which may have something to do with the fact that I've made some kind of peace with the fact that I'm almost done with effing COLLEGE, holy crap. I feel a quarter-life crisis coming on. Thank you, societal expectations.

On a completely frivolous note, we watched Legally Blonde on the bus. I really liked it. It actually provoked an emotional response of some sort. I also didn't sleep through it. Rah, Elle Woods. I rather suspect I might be better at practicing law if ever in my life I could remember all the laws that practicing law entails, but I am only blonde and not A Blonde. And certainly not a California Blonde.

edit: oh, and I am on my last page of backposts. Wheeee. :)

Though those backposts didn't include communities. Darnit.

Current Mood: sleepyshould be in bed

did prof green email you the test for philo of religion? :s

Emm. Excellent question.

::checks email::

Looks like no.

Did he send it to you?

yep. i haven't done it yet... i can copy it for you if you want...
it looks easy enough.. exp. since i'll use my book ;) tee hee

Try having a sister in college, for the love of Pete.

Umm, I think I forgot to say that I am jealous of your half-moon spectacles. I kind of want new glasses.

Also, it's okay to like Legally Blonde. Let your inner blonde (and hag for that matter) free.

Yeh... but there was rather an extended period of time when she *was* little (6, 7, 8) and I wasn't (13, 14, 15).

New glasses = new outlook on life. Between these specs that I'm still not used to seeing on my face, my triangles (haven't warn them for a while), my fat lips and abnormally rosy cheeks (just my cheeks, not my whole face like usual) - oh, and the fact that my hair is not standing on end for some reason... i hardly recognize myself. Well, with all that, I suppose it's a small wonder.

Let your inner blonde (and hag for that matter) free.
In keeping with the screaming/giggling theme of the weekend... ::cackles like a fool::

That's true. I think it would be weird to have a sister who was actually little.

You speak the truth about glasses, m'dear. When I got the ones I have now it was like a whole new world. You wear your triangles on your face??

Yeah... sometimes I was a very motherly/babysittery sister.

The rest of the time, of course, I was a terrible person (being a middleschooler.)

No, I wear my triangles on a necklace. ;) Which, come to mention it, I think Thera still has. Hrm.